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Search for the right ones and not the cheap ones: While comparing the quotes offered by packers and movers, always chose height weight/volume estimate as compared to lowest quote estimate. A good packer and mover will be more concerned about the weight and dimensions of your shipping goods than quoting the cheapest bid. One tactic rogue movers often use is purposely under-estimating the weight/volume of your items and focusing on providing you with cheapest price. A good mover is always more concerned about your relocation.

Conduct a thorough initial screening: It is always advisable to check the previous track record of the service provider you are thinking to contact. Collect some basic info about packers and movers to verify reliability and credibility Go for their reviews online and try to find genuine reviews from their former clients, as many a times these reviews are fictitious and are deliberately sponsored by the company themselves.

Get at least 4 to 5 quotes from trustworthy packers and movers: Don’t act haste in finalizing your deal in the first go. Contact at least 4-5 movers. Talk to the company in detail and tell them your expected budget and ask them to give you break-up of their quotation like Packing, Transportation, Loading, Unloading, Handling, etc.

Ask them for a home visit, estimated time & Material Used: Before finalizing the movers, ask them to first visit your home and look for the shipping requirements and its details, ask them the estimated time they would take to deliver the items and does it fits your shifting schedule. And also don’t forget to ask for the quality of material they will be using for packaging your goods. Fragile items need a good packaging.

See To It That There Are No Hidden Costs: Make it very clear about the details of your shifting which should include each and every small to big items you need them to shift, all the taxes being charged, the exact pickup location to the destination place, does your destination place has a lift or not, how many labors they will employ for your shifting. Make it very clear about the exact price for the complete shifting so, as to avoid any quarrels later on the day of shifting.

Do They Offer Insurance?:No matter how much they claim about the quality of their packing, sometimes fragile items like glasses material may get damaged. So, ask them about the assurance. Talk to them about the breakage which may be caused during the process, do they take the responsibility and do they offer Insurance of your goods?

Claim for Breakage of Your Items: It is very important if you want to make a claim that you sign an inventory sheet with the company where you report in detail about all your inventory being shifted and get a properly signed receipt from the movers. In case of you notice damage after unpacking a claim must be filed within nine months after delivery. It is always best to report the damage as soon as possible. The mover must acknowledge receipt of your claim within 30 days and must deny or make an offer within 120 days of receipt of your claim.

Ask for Add-on Service: Don’t forget to ask for any add-on service which they may be offering for free like free storage for a couple of days, etc.

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