Sharing a Container (LCL) Explained

Sharing a container, SFL Worldwide

If you are relocating overseas and do not have full container worth of stuff you can share a container with other shippers. This process is called an LCL (Less than Container Load) shipment.

Below is additional information you may want to review and understand when shipping Less than Container Load (LCL) shipments:

Minimum Requirement for LCL Shipment

If you just have few boxes, a TV and some furniture you can select LCL shipping option where you are charged by space (cubic Feet) you use inside the container. Generally minimum requirement for LCL shipment is 30 cubic feet some shipping companies may require minimum 50 cubic feet as well. One large box (18x18x24 Inches) is 4.5 cubic feet, so if you have 6 large boxes to ship you can qualify for LCL shipping option.

Are my belongings safe under LCL?

LCL Shipping option is safe and economical way of shipping by ocean. All shipments are carefully packed on a 48” x 40” size wooden pallet and shrink wrapped to separate from other shipments. Additionally, each item/box is assigned a unique sequence number. At destination, it makes identification of shipment by customer easier for the customs officials and they can clear the shipment faster.

Shipping cost compared to FCL (Full Container Load)

From cost stand point if your shipment is less than 500 cubic feet (CFT) then LCL shipment will be an affordable option. But if you have more than 500 CFT then, you should consider full container (FCL) to avoid consolidation and distribution process.

Transit Time

When you ship under the LCL option transit time will be a little longer than FCL due to shipments being consolidated prior to filling the container. The faster the consolidation process the faster the transit time. Generally consolidation and distribution adds 30 days that is included within your delivery time frame. For example, if the transit time of FCL is 60 days then, LCL will be 90 days.

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