TV Shipping From the USA To India

Are you planning to Ship TV from USA to India? We offer door to door shipping services to almost anywhere in India. We offer shipping services by air or ocean. Door to Door shipping with SFL worldwide come with door pickup, air or ocean freight, tracking, insurance and customer clearance process.

We specialize in relocation and have expect custom clearance agents to assist with complex clearance process for Television. If you are moving back to India and want to ship TV we can assist with custom clearance under Transfer of Residence process.

We offer Air and Ocean Shipping option. Air Shipping takes around 7-14 business days and shipping charges depends on shipping weight and shipping dimensions.

You can complete our online quote and we can provide you accurate air shipping quote. Our Ocean shipping take around 60-90 days and we offer flat rate shipping with our Ocean shipping option.

Depending on your screen size we offer door to door shipping charges excluding custom duties.

We offer door to door cost to ship a tv to India

Flat rate door to door shipping tv to india
Door to Door Shipping Included
Door to Door
Standard Transit Time 60-90 days
Transit Time
60-90 days
Online Tracking Included
Damage Insurance at additional cost
At additional cost
Customs Clearance Included
Custom Duties Excluded

Top questions

Q. How do you protect TV from getting damaged in transit?

A. We offer repacking & wooden crating services, whereby we repack TV to add extra protection and then wooden crate TV to minimize any chances of damaged in transit.

Q. Will my TV I bought in USA will work in India?

A. If you plan to ship TV from USA to India you need to review NTSC/PAL compatibility and Voltage compatibility.

NTSC/PAL compatibility – Transmission in USA uses video standards called NTST verses transmission in India support PAL frequency. Most of the TV purchased after 2010 are international standards and support both NTCS and PAL frequency. You need to check specification on TV to see if they support both NTSC and PAL. If not you will need to purchase NTSC to PAL convertor which you can purchase in USA.

Voltage Compatibility – All electronic device uses 110 volts in USA versus 220 volts in India. If you connect 110 volt device to 220 volt power outlet it may damage you device. If you buying new TV to ship to India you should look for TV which support 110 volts to 220 volts so it will work both in USA and India. If not you can buy transformer that can convert 220 volts outlet to 110 volts and you can safely connect you TV to power outlet via transformer.

Q. Do you provide Tracking and Insurance?

A. Yes, our air and ocean shipping service comes with door to door tracking option. We also provide insurance option at additional cost.

Q.How much does it cost to ship TV?

A. Shipping price is calculated on shipping dimension and shipping weight. To provide you accurate shipping quote we need box dimensions (Length, Weight & Height) and weight of your shipment. You will be charged higher of actual weight and dimensional weight. For example if actual weight of TV is 40 LBS but dimensional weight of TV box is 60 LBS, you will charged higher number i.e. 60 LBS.

Shipping cost depends on type of service you select Air or Ocean. Air shipping takes around 7-14 days and Ocean shipping take around 60-90 days.

Ocean Shipping – We offer flat rate TV shipping via our ocean shipping service. Please click here to learn more about flat rate shipping offer.

Air Shipping - Air shipping will certainly costlier than Ocean shipping and shipping charges depends on shipping dimensions and shipping weight. Please complete our Online Quote to get accurate shipping quote.

Q. Do you provide Door to Door Shipping?

A. Yes we can arrange pickup from your door and provide door delivery in India with tracking, insurance and customs clearance process.

Q. How do I Pay customs duty in India?

A. Once Indian customs ascertain duty value we will notify you duty charges you will pay SFL Worldwide customs duty and we will pay customs duty on your behalf, once custom duty is paid customs will release shipment and we will get shipment delivered to your door in India.

Q. Will there be custom duties applied on Shipping TV to India and if yes how much?

A. Yes, there will be custom duties charged by Indian customs on television ship to India. Custom duties is around 38% to 40% of value ascertained by Indian customs. For example if customs ascertain value of your TV at $500 custom duty will be around $ 150.00. The custom duties is charged at the current price of the specific model of the TV in India. If you are moving back to India and qualify for transfer of residence then you will be able tio avail depreciation depending on age of you TV.

Q. How long does it take ship TV to India?

A. We have 2 shipping option. Air shipping take around 7 – 14 business days including clearance and door delivery and our Ocean shipping option takes around 60 -90 days.

Q. I am moving back to India do I still need to pay custom duties on my TV?

A. Yes, regardless you are moving back to India or not you will have to pay custom duties. Earlier custom duties on moving back to India was 15.3% but now it has been revised to 35%.

Q. Do I need to visit Custom office to clear my TV?

A. No, we will take care of custom clearance process. We require you to provide certain documentation to allow us to clear customs on your behalf. Once we get shipment cleared we will get shipment delivered to your door in India.

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Sidhhi Vinayak Ganpati Mandal

"Big Thanks to SFL worldwide for delivering Six feet Eco friendly & very delicate Ganesh Murti (Statue) from India to US via Air shipment. They did fantastic job in Packing, Shipping & helped in unpacking. Staff is very friendly . Excellent work. Nirmal Nathwani, Siddhi Vinayak Ganpati Mandal"

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"We have been shipping with SFL Worldwide from last 5 years. We are very impressed with quality of service and prices SFL worldwide has to offer. Thank you SFL worldwide for helping us with our shipping needs."

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