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What is DHL Shipping? Rates, Tracking, and Calculator

In today’s global economy, international shipping has become an essential service for businesses and individuals alike. Deutsche Post DHL Group is a prominent name in the logistics industry, providing reliable and efficient delivery services to people around the world. From domestic to international, DHL offers a range of services that cater to the needs of businesses and individuals.

In this blog, we will provide an overview of DHL, including its definition, an overview of its services, a comparison with other options, and the benefits of using DHL for delivering your products and personal packages. We will also discuss DHL’s international rates, tracking feature, and rate calculator. Finally, we will provide a brief overview of why you should choose SFL Worldwide for your DHL shipments.

What is DHL Shipping?

Definition of DHL Shipping

DHL Shipping is a global shipping carrier that offers both domestic and international freight services. Founded in 1969 by Adrian Dalsey, Larry Hillblom, and Robert Lynn, DHL has grown to become one of the largest carriers in the world, with a presence in over 220 countries and territories around the world. DHL provides a range of services, including DHL Express and DHL eCommerce, which cater to different customer needs.

Overview of DHL Express and DHL eCommerce

DHL Express is one of the best premium international services that provides fast and reliable delivery of time-sensitive packages. It is ideal for businesses that require urgent delivery service of important documents, parcels, or products.

DHL eCommerce is a more affordable option than DHL Express for mailing small packages to international destinations, designed to help businesses reach people in territories worldwide. It is also important to note that DHL is one of the few companies that strive to deliver zero emissions.

Comparison with other shipping options

Compared to other options, DHL stands out for its extensive international network, fast delivery times, and quality service. DHL also offers additional services such as domestic shipping, insurance, the printing of shipping labels, customs clearance, tracking services with DHL delivery times, and receiver shipment value protection, which add value to shippers.

DHL also makes it easy to return items directly from their own mailbox or a nearby USPS collection site using the DHL Smartmail parcel return service

Benefits of using DHL Domestic and International Services

There are many benefits to using DHL for your domestic and international delivery needs.

Extensive Network

One of the most significant advantages of using DHL is its extensive international network, which covers more than 220 countries and territories worldwide. This means that DHL deliver to international customers and domestic customers in almost any location in the world.

Fast Delivery Times

DHL Express, for example, provides domestic deliveries and international deliveries for time-sensitive shipments and offers delivery times as fast as next business day delivery.

You can book DHL to ship using one of the many options that cater to different needs, including DHL eCommerce, which is ideal for businesses that need an affordable shipping solution for smaller packages.

Quality Service

DHL deliver quality international service, including money back for its services. If the item you ship is not delivered on time or does not meet DHL’s service standards, you may be eligible for a refund or credit. Additionally, DHL offers shipment value protection, which provides insurance coverage for lost or damaged shipments.

Easy Interface

DHL’s website and mobile app also make it easy for you to book and manage your shipments. You can view and ship from various international shipping options, create shipping labels and print labels, track your shipments, return using DHL smartmail parcel return service, and manage your delivery preferences online, saving you time and reducing the risk of errors.

Streamlined Shipping

Finally, DHL offers a range of additional services that can help you streamline your shipping processes and simplify your supply chain, including customs clearance, packaging services, service offers, and pick-up and drop-off for various service levels.

Overall, using DHL aims to provide customers with peace of mind, reliable service, and convenience for their shipping needs.

DHL International Shipping Rates

Here’s a quick breakdown of DHL’s international rates to ship packages.

Cost is one of the primary considerations when selecting a carrier. DHL international rates vary based on a number of factors. The DHL web portal is quite intuitive and lets you view rates based on your requirements with ease.

For example, regular shipments to San Francisco would fall under Deutsche Post DHL domestic shipping services similar to the United States Postal Service. This may even have other services, like next-day delivery, and can ship to your destination for additional fees.

Let’s take a look at some of the factors that affect the cost of international courier.

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Factors that affect international shipping costs

DHL’s international rates depend on several factors, including the destination, package maximum weight and dimensions, speed, and additional services required.

Destination Country

The destination nation plays a significant role in determining the cost of international shipping services. Sending a parcel to a country with limited infrastructure and challenging delivery routes may cost more than sending the parcel to a more developed country.

Package weight and dimensions

The package’s maximum weight and dimensions also affect costs and taxes paid, with heavier and larger packages costing more to ship for all last mile delivery, regardless of service level.

Shipping speed

Speed is another factor that affects the cost of international shipments. DHL deliver using different options, including same-day, next-day, and expedited services. Faster delivery helps save time but adds to your final costs. That said, you not only save time but are able to push. time-sensitive deliveries the next business day, using an option like DHL Express Worldwide or any international service level from the DHL group for expedited max delivery service.

Additional services (e.g. insurance, customs clearance)

Additional services such as insurance, customs clearance, and receiver shipment value protection also add to the cost of international shipments. These services provide added value to customers by protecting their international shipments from the moment they start shipping to the entire transit and ensuring that they reach their destination safely.

Business customers can save tons by using DHL’s rate calculator to get an estimate for the various DHL Express options. The calculator takes into account the package’s maximum weight and dimensions, speed, and destination country to provide customers with an accurate estimate.

This feature is especially useful for businesses that ship regularly and want to budget their costs accurately.

DHL Shipping Tracking

DHL’s tracking feature is another benefit of using their services. Customers can track their packages in real-time using their tracking number, which is generated when they book their shipment. DHL’s tracking feature provides customers with updates on their package’s location and estimated delivery time.

This feature is especially useful for time-sensitive deliveries and for customers who want to know the status of their package at all times.

To track their package, customers need to visit the DHL website and enter their tracking number. Alternatively, they can download the DHL Express mobile app, which allows them to track their package from their smartphone.

The tracking feature is easy to use and provides customers with peace of mind, knowing that their package is in good hands.

Although DHL’s tracking feature is generally reliable, customers may encounter some common issues, such as delays in package delivery, incorrect tracking information, or lost packages. Customers can resolve these issues by contacting DHL’s customer service team, who can assist them in resolving the problem.

DHL Shipping Calculator

DHL’s shipping calculator is another useful feature that helps customers estimate their costs. The rate calculator takes into account the package weight and dimensions, shipping speed, and destination country to provide patrons with an accurate shipping cost estimate.

This feature is especially useful for businesses that ship regularly and want to budget their shipping costs accurately.

To use DHL’s shipping calculator, users need to visit the DHL website and enter their package details, including weight and dimensions. The calculator will then provide them with an estimate of their shipping costs.

If you require additional services such as insurance or customs clearance, they can add these to the calculator to get a more accurate cost estimate.

Like the shipping tracking feature, you may encounter some common issues when using DHL’s shipping calculator, such as inaccurate cost estimates, technical issues with the calculator, or problems with the website. You can resolve these issues by contacting DHL’s customer service team, who can assist you in resolving the problem.

Why Choose SFL Worldwide for DHL Shipments?

SFL Worldwide is an authorized DHL center that provides reliable and efficient shipping services. As an authorized shipping center, SFL Worldwide can help people and businesses with all their shipping needs, including packing, labeling, and booking shipments.

In addition to providing DHL services, SFL Worldwide also offers a range of other options, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. This means that you have access to multiple carriers, allowing you to choose the shipping option that best meets your needs.

SFL Worldwide also offers discounted rates on DHL shipments, helping you save money on your shipping costs. We also offer a money-back guarantee on our shipping services, ensuring that our patrons are satisfied with the quality of service they receive.


In conclusion, DHL is a global carrier that provides domestic and international services to businesses and individuals. DHL offers a range of options, including DHL Express and DHL eCommerce, catering to businesses and people with different needs. DHL stands out for its extensive international network, fast delivery times, and quality service.

DHL’s international rates vary based on several factors, including the destination country, package weight and dimensions, shipping speed, and additional services required. DHL’s shipping tracking feature and shipping calculator are two useful tools that provide our consumers with peace of mind and help them budget their shipping costs accurately.

Those who choose SFL Worldwide for their DHL shipments benefit from reliable and efficient shipping services, access to multiple carriers, discounted rates, and a money-back guarantee. Whether shipping domestically or internationally, SFL Worldwide provides our patrons with a hassle-free shipping experience.

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