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Moving to a new destination and want to take your dream ride with you? Experience seamless and hassle-free auto transportation services for any kind of automobile only on SFL Worldwide!

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Our Auto Shipping Process

Auto Transport Step 1


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The first step in our Auto shipping process is to find you the best and lowest shipping quotes for your car. Quotes can vary on a number of factors, such as time, level of preparation, destination, and so on. These can also be influenced by factors such as the season and other unforeseen circumstances. Make note that you will pay premium prices if you require your vehicle to be delivered quickly.

Auto Transport Step 2


Choosing the right broker

As soon as you start a auto transport booking with us, we assign you a dedicated shipping advisor who takes care of conducting background checks of carriers, ratings, references, and more. We ensure that your shipping carrier, who will physically transport your vehicle, has the mandatory documents required for automobile transportation to your destination.

Auto Transport Step 3


Preparing for shipment

The third crucial step in our auto-shipping process is preparing your shipment for transportation. Your shipping advisor will guide you with a checklist of items to be performed before your shipment is ready for transport. These include a complete inspection of your vehicle, vehicle inspection reports/bill of lading, and photos or videos required to get your vehicle prepared for shipment.

Auto Transport Step 4


Pick up your vehicle

The next step in the process is to pick up your vehicle. At pick-up, the agents will conduct a walkabout inspection of the vehicle and get pictures before transporting it from your home. Our agents will advise you to remove personal belongings at this stage of the process and other important documents not pertaining to the shipment from the vehicle.

Auto Transport Step 5


Transporting your vehicle

The next step is to transfer your car to its final destination. Before the vehicle is transported, our trained agents at SFL Worldwide will get your car ready according to the method of transport chosen by you, such as enclosed car transport, open car transport, flatbed, and so on. They also ensure your vehicle is clear of personal belongings and note gas tank levels.

Auto Transport Step 6


Delivering your Automobile

The final step is to deliver your automobile to your destination. Here, our agents will deliver the car to your destination as per your instructions at the time of booking and conduct a post-delivery inspection to ensure that there were no damages in transit. Once the condition of your vehicle has been assessed, the keys to your vehicle will be handed over and ready for you to enjoy at your new destination.


SFL Worldwide takes the responsibility of carefully transporting your vehicles, with many options to choose from, the most common being through freight services. We offer proper handling and timely deliveries of your automobiles with the help of our industry partners, who have an impeccable record in automobile transportation. With advancements in tracking technology, we also offer easy solutions right on our website for real-time tracking and complete visibility of your shipments right from pickup to delivery.

We are a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) agent by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and freight broker with the Department of Transportation, which allows us to work with the best shippers and freight companies for providing excellent vehicle transport services. We offer low, economical prices by combining our technology and access to customs brokers and shipping partners. This way, you are guaranteed high-quality shipments for your automobiles with absolutely no hassles!

Open Car Transport

Open car shipping services are the least expensive option of our packages. You can ship your automobiles in an open-trailer car carrier with this package. These are readily available for bookings. Contact us to avail low prices and ship your automobiles TODAY!

Open Car Transport
Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed auto transportation services are for those that require extra protection and care for their automobiles during shipment. We move your automobiles securely in enclosed trailers that add an extra layer of security from extreme weather conditions, road hazards, vandalism, etc.

Express Car Transport

Book our Express Car Transport service for the quickest door-to-door deliveries of your automobile. In this package, we transport vehicles using open car auto transporters as these are easier to order on demand for your convenience. Our Express Car Shipping service also provides you with a pick-up window of 48 hours within your order.

Express Car Transport

Why Use Sfl Worldwide For Auto Transport

Every booking is assigned a dedicated shipping advisor who guides the customer at every step of the auto-shipping process from start to finish. Book your shipping within seconds on our website and enjoy 24/7 tracking information on your vehicle until it reaches your destination.

  • Yellow Tick User-friendly interface to get quotes within seconds and book within a few clicks.
  • Yellow Tick Exclusive member pricing and discounted rates
  • Yellow Tick Comprehensive resources for quick, reliable informationn
  • Yellow Tick Dedicated Shipping Advisors
  • Yellow Tick 24/7 Real-Time Tracking

Popular Auto Shipping Locations

Auto shipping is a popular service constantly sought by our customers moving to overseas and domestic locations. Here are some of the popular locations automobiles are shipped to within the United States –

Some of the frequently sought overseas locations for auto shipping

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most critical aspects of our transportation maneuvers that should clear all your doubts and establish your trust in our services.

One of the most important aspects of auto transportation is handling automobiles with care and delivering them without damages. SFL Worldwide provides end-to-end insurance to our clientele, assuring them that their vehicles are in safe and responsible hands. A detailed examination of your vehicle is performed before picking it up and inspected comprehensively upon the delivery to ensure no damages have occurred during the transportation. The transportation company will provide you with a set of documents that they sign that need to have your attestation. We require attestation, so the insurance service is legitimate before the shipping.

An essential part of the automobile transportation process is placing orders and receiving them. We would suggest you place your shipping order 1-2 weeks before the shipping date to get updated prices and complete other formalities.

Clean up your vehicle before handing it to the transportation company for inspection and make sure there are no extra appliances/objects/other things in the vehicle. A quarter tank of gas and a functioning battery in the vehicle are all that is needed from your end.

Once the vehicle reaches your desired destination, you will have a 3-day pick-up window. Additionally, a few of our partners in the industry can offer deliveries to specific locations for an extra fee.

Many customers have varying opinions about shipping their vehicles open or in enclosures. We ship over 95% of our auto shipments in open carriers. Our records consistently show that these open carriers are safe, with very few instances where problems have occurred. If you require extra safety and protection, we recommend opting for enclosed shipping. This usually comes at an additional 30% to our open transportation costs. We work with the best freight companies to make sure we meet all the safety standards of shipping adequately to keep your vehicles safe and sound.

We ship all of our vehicles within a week. However, factors such as weather and local conditions may cause slight delays. But there is no need to worry as our real-time tracking gives you an accurate estimate of your delivery.

It usually takes anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to deliver your vehicle to the final destination. External factors such as distance, weather, and local conditions can affect delivery times. We provide rough estimates by the transportation company handling the shipment of your vehicle, along with live tracking for your convenience.

We recommend you ship the vehicle before your move. This way, you are already at your destination before your vehicle arrives. In addition, we provide a 3-day pickup window after your vehicle is shipped successfully to help you during your move!

Refund & cancellation policies depend on the auto transport carrier’s terms and conditions. Generally, you are allowed to cancel auto transportation three business days before the moving window. Please contact your sales representative to learn more about refund and cancellation policies.

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Your trusted logistics partner for hassle-free door-to-door shipping and moving services.

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Ravi Kumar
I've used SFL Worldwide for the past few years and I've been very happy with their service. They are always on time, their prices are reasonable, and their customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable courier service. Here are some specific examples of why I'm so happy with SFL Worldwide They have always been on time with my deliveries. I've never had to wait longer than expected for my package to arrive. Their prices are very reasonable. I've found that they are often cheaper than other courier services. Their customer service is excellent. I've had to contact them a few times with questions or concerns, and they have always been very helpful and responsive. Overall, I'm very happy with SFL Worldwide. They are a reliable, affordable, and customer-oriented courier service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a courier service.
AAcHTtfFn Zx5dbNBhH2DpNxKCil1dRuS1RcpG2lYKQb=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Mahesh Darshan
Very supportive and patient. Documents reached on time. I would recommend their services to everyone. Thanks Mr, Punit for your guidance.
AAcHTtdOAPaHmZZ25dezGmJCbdrME8E8aFIaYR8vADso=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Sriram Sriram
Best service with best rates
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Chandramouli Potnuru
SFL is Rocking!!! I had a urgent need to ship some legal documents to California from Texas, I have immediately called Punit from SFL as usual he has done his magic. The service is really superb and highly recommended.
AAcHTtdn1pv1AK CP8s4pYeZwEVTaHvOXXykFgELxI99=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Vk Usa
Great service for my documents shipping from Hyderabad to USA. Reasonable rates and great customer service. I will recommend their services.
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