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Get the swiftest and fastest domestic shipping with all major carriers, such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS on all your shipments with SFL Worldwide. We offer you the lowest rates on all domestic shipments, up to 70% off.

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Fast Domestic Shipping with SFL Worldwide

Did you know that you can save a lot of time and money by booking shipments with popular carriers, such as DHL, FedEx, and UPS, right here on SFL Worldwide? That’s right! You can get instant access to cheap domestic shipping rates and exclusive member discounts by booking with us within seconds. Shipping is now easier and more affordable with SFL Worldwide’s offerings –

No Minimum Required

No minimum weight or contracts are required. Our pricing is offered to anyone that books with us.

Track Your Package

24/7 Online Tracking Service to keep track of your shipments every step of the way.

Exclusive Discounted Rates

Get access to special discounts of up to 70% on your domestic shipments.

Dedicated Shipping Advisors

Every booking is assigned a dedicated shipping advisor to assist you from start to finish.

Know Your Shipping Costs

The shipping costs vary depending on time, speed, level of service, location, and more. Our instant rate calculator gets you rates from all leading shipping carriers. Here is an example table of shipping rates for a 2lb chargeable weight package from Dallas, TX, to residence in San Jose, CA.

Fedex Rate

Fedex Ground Home Delivery

Estimated Delivery

09/03/2022 11:59:00 PM



Fedex Rate

Fedex Express Saver

Estimated Delivery

08/31/2022 09:52:47 PM



Fedex Rate

Fedex 2 Day

Estimated Delivery

08/31/2022 09:52:47 PM



Benefits of Shipping with SFL Worldwide

Finding competitive rates for shipping a package can be a daunting business. It takes hours of calls and negotiations to get the price you desire for shipping your package. At SFL Worldwide, we offer a plethora of benefits, starting with our instant rate calculator that cuts your search time tremendously and offers you shipping quotes in seconds.

Complete Shipping Portal

SFL Worldwide has been a leading logistics provider of shipping and moving services since 2005. We work with all major carriers, such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS. When you search for a quote on SFL Worldwide, you get quotes from all the competitors to help you make the right decision. We have you covered for all things shipping!

Dedicated Shipping Account

When you book with SFL Worldwide, you have the option to create your own account with SFL Worldwide, which makes it easy for you to remember your preferences and maintain a record of your shipments. You can also use this account to track all of your shipments under one roof.

Fulfillment Network

SFL Worldwide is widely connected with an extensive fulfillment network of shipping providers around the world to ensure you have the best global coverage for shipping your items.

No Hidden Fees

With us, you can expect full transparency and be rest assured that there will be no hidden fees. Our team of shipping advisors will walk you through your shipping quotes at the time of booking to let you know of costs to anticipate ahead of time

Fulfillment Network

SFL Worldwide is widely connected with an extensive fulfillment network of shipping providers around the world to ensure you have the best global coverage for shipping your items.

Get a domestic shipping quote from SFL Worldwide

Experience competitive shipping rates and reliable tracking for your domestic shipments. Get a quote now!

Our Connections

SFL Worldwide works with leading carriers to ship your package domestically and internationally.

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Sfl Worldwide

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some quick answers to your questions on Domestic Shipping.

Whether you’re looking to ship overnight or find the lowest prices for shipping your package, SFL Worldwide can find you the right package with fast domestic shipping times for your needs. Most domestic shipments are delivered within 3-5 business days.

That said, delivery of your order and its shipping depends on whether the package type is domestic shipping vs international and the mode of delivery chosen at the time of booking by you or the entity booking on your behalf. Once we receive the package, your order will be shipped. Please note that uncertain events or circumstances can impact shipping and delivery times.

At the time of booking, you are provided a domestic shipping tracking number that can be used to track your shipments in real-time. You can alternatively visit our tracking page to track your shipments instantly. The tracking number can also be accessed on the confirmation email or through your registered SFL Worldwide account.

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See our Trusted Reviews

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Shishir Gupta
Nice system, very easy to use. Good followup.
AItbvmmSzWlHcQxGT4M7PiMh6HxAKvzy4GdDO7H1YEyo=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Kaushal Kishore
I used this service for the first time and extremely pleased. Staff very courteous, very prompt and I got the shipping label pretty soon after completing the details and making payment. Much better choice economically compared to going to the shipping company directly. Would highly recommend for anyone! So happy that I found SflWOrldWide using Google search !
AItbvmk87dxEZZoNQpOOl15LkbnszhXGE8MyfiDd CiH=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Naresh Gupta
Krunal was most courteous, knowledgeable., efficient and professional. Exceeded expectations.
AFdZucorztFVoFqg6y3BkVzVmINLq9A6v6gysthInXTL=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Mayuri Kovuri
I am really satisfied with the services provided by SFL. They have provided me all the updates regularly till my package was delivered
AItbvmmcPFCRrBG2E1eD5WrjcVC3LluktkTdSmAuLVP4=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Rajiv Baheti
Excellent service ! I have submitted the query in website and received timely response. Utkarsh Rana called to follow up and clarify the query. I made the payment online and immediately received the shipping label. The package was delivered as per committed date. Highly recommended!
AFdZucpJHyLcvf4ENAB4AQOch6gPTZTcxD0EVDViS9C =s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
rehan sheikh
Best courier service.
AItbvml3qYh38rbQCibIRsVC EB KufayY7aXhpPjJw =s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
anil kumar
SFL is much cheaper and reliable when it comes to international shipping, I have used their service couple of times for sending documents from USA to India.
AItbvmm9VBRD NdimbY5I1FxSOZgx4nb0S6LuZLbqoaA=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
anil kumar
Excellent service, I send documents to home country at a very reasonable price, Highly recommend them for. customer support is very quick in turnaround. Great experience overall.
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