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Cost-effective Shipping Options For Small Businesses

We understand that shipping within a budget is critical when you’re a business owner. SFL Worldwide is one of the best shipping company for small businesses, with a plethora of options to suit every shipping need and budget. From slow, economy shipping to save you money to express shipping to get your items to your customers as early as the next business day, we have you covered.

Are you an individual or an eCommerce business looking for a specialized shipping company for small businesses? Do you have frequent shipping needs within the country or overseas? You are in the right place!

SFL Worldwide created Ship Smart for growing small businesses like you who require consistent shipping, timely delivery, and the cheapest shipping for small businesses. With Ship Smart, you can enjoy stress-free shipping for your small business, which keeps your customers happy and returning for more.

Our volume-based shipping model lets us offer our business customers access to exclusive member discounts and specialized services created especially for business customers looking like you.

Clients who use this service include –

Ship Smart - Tailored Solutions For Your Small Business

Why Ship 1
Discounted Pricing

Save up to 70% off on your domestic and international shipping charges.

Why Ship 2
Price Comparison

Compare real-time rates along with delivery times for all major carriers.

Why Ship 3
Major Carriers

Ship with the best carrier for every shipment based on your budget and delivery times.

Why Ship 4
Dedicated Advisor

Have a dedicated shipping advisor handle your shipment from Point A to Point B.

Why Ship 5
Member Pricing

Unleash wholesale pricing for all your shipments when you register as a member.

Why Ship 6
Customer Care

Our representatives are here to answer your queries on shipping at any time.

Shipping Methods

SFL Worldwide understands the importance of prompt and high-quality delivery. We have special contracts with leading shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL, known for their high standards and consistent deliveries.

We also work closely with ocean shippers who can get you the cheapest shipping for small business rates while providing slow and reliable shipping solutions for small businesses.

Here are some shipping companies which offer shipping services for small businesses on SFL Worldwide

Ss Ups


UPS, another stalwart in the shipping industry, offers specialized shipping services that facilitate efficient deliveries and easy pickup for returns.

Ss Dhl


Another trusted name in the shipping industry, DHL is no less when it comes to high-quality shipping for domestic and international shipments.

Ss Usps


Hands down one of the lowest when it comes to shipping prices, USPS is a solid household name across homes in America. USPS is a reliable shipping service for small businesses with some of the widest network connections.

Ss Fedex


Arguably the fastest shipping service among them all, FedEx offers convenient shipping services ranging from economy to express delivery.

Our Carrier Network

Our network includes major carriers and airlines to ship your next package within the USA or worldwide.

Air India
British Airways
Ch Robinson


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    Small Business Shipping Tips

    If you’re a small business owner, chances are you are looking for ways to get the lowest rates to ship for your business while keeping your deliveries prompt. Here are a few handy shipping tips to keep in mind when sending for your business.

    Shipping Volume

    One of the easiest ways to lower your shipping costs when shipping boxes for small businesses is simply by shipping large volumes. Grouping items to make larger shipments increases the chance of lower shipping costs.


    Like with dimensional weight, you want to keep in mind the packaging material you use to ship your items. From packing peanuts to bubble wraps, your packaging material adds to the final weight of the shipment. Using appropriate and necessary packaging material can keep your costs low.

    Discounted Pricing

    If you are a frequent shipper, you probably know by now that shipping companies calculate rates based on the amount of space your package occupies on the transportation to the total area. This is why shipping companies insist on smart shipping supplies for small businesses to keep your shipping costs low.

    Shipping Service

    The shipping service for small businesses you choose for shipping your products plays a vital role in determining the costs for your company. You could be saving your money by simply opting for a service that delivers a few days later.

    Customs Documentation

    Getting your documents in order and declaring the accurate information on the shipped items is crucial during customs clearance. Your customs officer at the destination port may apply additional charges for missing documentation or items that are not declared in the documentation.

    Small Business Shipping Tracking Solutions

    With a booming eCommerce industry, it is imperative to provide tracking information on every shipment, regardless of weight and destination. At SFL Worldwide, we provide smart shipping for small business solutions and make tracking easy for your business by providing round-the-clock tracking information on your shipments. Here are some ways we offer this handy feature –

    You will be provided a tracking number at the time of booking your shipments here on SFL Worldwide.

    Your tracking number, along with shipment information, is provided in the confirmation email sent to you after booking.

    You will be given a dedicated SFL account that holds all your shipment and tracking information. Simply log on and view everything from your personal dashboard. 

    Shipping Returns for Small Businesses

    When it comes to returns, it is crucial to enforce return policies that leave a good impression in the minds of your customer. SFL Worldwide facilitates returns for small business owners by offering solutions to make the entire process hassle-free. Here are a few options that SFL Worldwide offers its small business customers.

    Small businesses have the option to send a prepaid return label along with their shipments to the customer. If a customer chooses to return the item, they can use the prepaid shipping label and drop it off at the nearest location or drop-box of the carrier.

    Businesses can choose to arrange for a scheduled pickup from the carrier at an additional cost. The customer can attach the prepaid shipping label to the box before handing it over to the courier pickup person.

    In the event that your customer does not have access to a printer, businesses can arrange for a Call Tag. This is essentially when they choose to have the courier comes with a prepaid return shipping label at an additional cost.

    See our Trusted Reviews

    Your trusted logistics partner for hassle-free door-to-door shipping and moving services.

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    Ravi Kumar
    I've used SFL Worldwide for the past few years and I've been very happy with their service. They are always on time, their prices are reasonable, and their customer service is excellent. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable courier service. Here are some specific examples of why I'm so happy with SFL Worldwide They have always been on time with my deliveries. I've never had to wait longer than expected for my package to arrive. Their prices are very reasonable. I've found that they are often cheaper than other courier services. Their customer service is excellent. I've had to contact them a few times with questions or concerns, and they have always been very helpful and responsive. Overall, I'm very happy with SFL Worldwide. They are a reliable, affordable, and customer-oriented courier service. I would highly recommend them to anyone who needs a courier service.
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    Mahesh Darshan
    Very supportive and patient. Documents reached on time. I would recommend their services to everyone. Thanks Mr, Punit for your guidance.
    AAcHTtdOAPaHmZZ25dezGmJCbdrME8E8aFIaYR8vADso=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
    Sriram Sriram
    Best service with best rates
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    Chandramouli Potnuru
    SFL is Rocking!!! I had a urgent need to ship some legal documents to California from Texas, I have immediately called Punit from SFL as usual he has done his magic. The service is really superb and highly recommended.
    AAcHTtdn1pv1AK CP8s4pYeZwEVTaHvOXXykFgELxI99=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
    Vk Usa
    Great service for my documents shipping from Hyderabad to USA. Reasonable rates and great customer service. I will recommend their services.
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