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From the time we were known as Ship For Less to now as a leading company in the shipping industry, SFL Worldwide’s motto is centered around three words – EASY, COST-EFFECTIVE, AND RELIABLE. Our shipping services are specially designed around this motto to provide you with top-quality shipping service that is easy on your pockets!  No matter what you want to send and where you want to send it, we make sure your package gets there in perfect condition. The weight of the package does not determine its value. Our service reps handle your package regardless of their size and weight with the same care and responsibility.

To take care of all your domestic shipping & trucking needs, we offer the following services for your convenience:

  • 24/7 Real-Time Tracking
  • Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery
  • Cargo and Courier Transportation
  • Full Insurance Coverage

Our professional representatives pick up your packages right from your doorstep and ensure their delivery with real-time tracking that provides information on the status of your package every step of the way! Our large fleet comprising over 6000 trucks is coordinated efficiently to ensure your packages reach their destination right on time, if not ahead of, scheduled time. We even have customized plans for specific domestic shipping requirements.


Our partner network includes all of the top carriers, providers, and tools for a smart shipment.

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  • As a reseller for FedEx & UPS, we provide up to 75% discount on shipments.
  • Benefits include special discounts as a result of our high volume shipments with major carriers in our network.
  • No minimum weight is required to take advantage of our wholesale pricing.
  • Tailored options to suit every kind of shipment according to your budget and time specifications.
  • Dedicated sales and support staff to assist you with your shipments.
  • 24/7 Online Tracking Service.
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Shishir Gupta
Nice system, very easy to use. Good followup.
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Kaushal Kishore
I used this service for the first time and extremely pleased. Staff very courteous, very prompt and I got the shipping label pretty soon after completing the details and making payment. Much better choice economically compared to going to the shipping company directly. Would highly recommend for anyone! So happy that I found SflWOrldWide using Google search !
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Naresh Gupta
Krunal was most courteous, knowledgeable., efficient and professional. Exceeded expectations.
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Mayuri Kovuri
I am really satisfied with the services provided by SFL. They have provided me all the updates regularly till my package was delivered
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Rajiv Baheti
Excellent service ! I have submitted the query in website and received timely response. Utkarsh Rana called to follow up and clarify the query. I made the payment online and immediately received the shipping label. The package was delivered as per committed date. Highly recommended!
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rehan sheikh
Best courier service.
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anil kumar
SFL is much cheaper and reliable when it comes to international shipping, I have used their service couple of times for sending documents from USA to India.
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anil kumar
Excellent service, I send documents to home country at a very reasonable price, Highly recommend them for. customer support is very quick in turnaround. Great experience overall.
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