Can You Mail Alcohol? | How to Ship Alcohol?

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Can You Mail Alcohol?

Yes, with some restrictions.  There’s more to shipping alcohol than just packing it up in a box. For instance, shipping carriers do not allow individuals to ship alcohol with a license.

Read this page to understand can you mail alcohol within and outside your country, how to pack different types of alcohol, and carriers’ restrictions on alcohol shipments.

How To Ship Alcohol

To understand how to ship alcohol, you must understand both your carrier’s regulations and inter/out-of-state/border restrictions. Different states and countries have different regulations with respect to shipping alcohol. In short, there’s no point in visiting your nearest shipping provider unless you possess a license. 

For instance, the USPS prohibits the mailing of alcohol through its mailing services for both businesses and individuals. Businesses with the requisite license can ship alcohol legally through some shipping carriers such as FedEx, UPS, etc., which permit them.

Shipping Alcohol In-State

Every state has its own set of restrictions on shipping alcohol within the state. Whereas some states prohibit it together.

It can be incredibly confusing to understand which states have restrictions as the direct statutes are quite intricate and very specific on who is allowed to sell, ship, or buy.

Luckily, most distributors and shippers are aware of local laws within your state and can advise you on shipping restrictions for your state. Alternatively, you can purchase alcohol through an online website or app that will ship to your state.

Please refer to this link for detailed information on shipping alcohol in every state.

Shipping Alcohol Out-Of-State

Shipping alcohol out-of-state is equally tricky as it involves adhering to legislation both in your home state and destination state. Some states have several restrictions on the shipment of alcohol. That said, you can always find a state that allows its licensees to ship alcohol out-of-state to your home state.

All states require different licenses for different types of alcohol distribution. Please refer to this link for detailed information on shipping alcohol out-of-state.

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Shipping Alcohol To Another Country

There are several steps you must take to ship alcohol overseas. They are as follows

  1. File for a permit – Get the appropriate license for shipping to your preferred destination as advised by your shipper for shipping alcohol overseas.   
  2. Choose the Carrier – Find the right carrier for your shipping needs. Some carriers prohibit the shipment of alcohol altogether. 
  3. Follow Regulations – Disclose all the information relating to your shipment containing alcohol along with license information and as required by customs.
  4. Adhere to Packing Recommendations – Book a shipper who understands the right way to package alcohol. Follow professional advice or take help from packing experts to package your shipment appropriately.

States That Don’t Allow Alcohol Shipping

Some states that outright reject the shipping of alcohol are Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Utah.

Other states such as Rhode Island and Delaware allow this with some exceptions. Please refer to the updated link for statutes and regulations here.

How To Pack Alcohol For Shipping

Packing alcohol for shipping requires careful packaging for two reasons – one being that it is classified as a dangerous good by shipping carriers and customs duty, and two, it is typically packaged in fragile glassware that requires careful packing.

Learn how to pack every type of alcohol and get them ready for shipping either within your country or overseas.

Beer Bottles Supplies you need -

  1. Sectioned-off corrugated cardboard box – This helps minimize the amount of shifting during transportation, keeping the bottles intact and secure until delivery.
  2. Tape – Tape protects the contents of the box from being thrown around during transportation. This is done by sealing the box at all entry points.
  3. Bubble wrap – Use bubble wrap to protect the bottles from not just external factors. Even bottles bumping with each other can cause damage. 
  4. Plastic wrap or Ziplocs – Plastic wrap helps prevent your other items from getting wet as a result of leaks. Ziplocs can hold the contents of the bottle from damaging other goods in your package.
  5. Ties – Use rubber bands or ties to secure the bottle lids tightly for transportation.

An additional tip for packing beer bottles is to double bag your shipment.

Wine Bottles Supplies you need -

  1. Corrugated Box with dividers – This helps keep the wine bottles intact at transportation 
  2. Packing Peanuts or Polystyrene Inner Packaging – These are soft packing materials that are sturdy enough to keep your bottles from getting scratches or dings from bumping into each other during shipping.
  3. Air Sacs or Bubble Wrap – These are amazing for protecting your wine bottles during shipment. Darker shades of bubble wrap help protect your wine from getting exposed to the elements of nature.
  4. Traditional Jute Bags – Individually wrapped bottles in jute bags are a neat protective layer to keep your bottles intact during transport.

Liquor Bottles

The supplies for shipping liquor bottles are similar to that of beer and wine. 

Some steps you can do to protect your bottles during transport are –

  1. Keep the bottom of your box secured with the right shipping tape advised by your provider. 
  2. Individually wrap each bottle
  3. Always place your box of bottles at the base of a truck or vehicle to prevent them from falling over.

Can I Ship Alcohol Through SFL Worldwide?

Yes. SFL Worldwide is a trusted logistics partner that ships your items via FedEx, UPS, DHL, and other major carriers. Your shipping restrictions and requirements are dependent on the carrier you choose at the time of booking. Get a quote for all kinds of shipments on our website and start shipping today. You can log in to your account and track your shipments here.

Licensing Requirements

The licensing requirements vary depending on the carrier you choose.


Shipping Requirements
U.S. Shipping Requirements
Licensee-to-Licensee, Licensee-to-consumer, Licensee or consumer designation in FedEx Automation
International Shipping Requirements
Licensee-to-Licensee, Licensee-to-consumer


Shipping Requirements
U.S. Shipping Requirements
Licensed-to-Licensed, Direct-to-consumer, Interstate Distillery Shipments, Intrastate Distillery Shipment
International Shipping Requirements
Refer the UPS guide for International Shipping requirements.

FAQ - Alcohol Shipping Requirements

No. For shipping alcohol, you must possess a valid license as per the shipper’s regulations and advice.

It is not illegal to ship alcohol or liquor. However, you must possess the right license to ship alcohol.

Yes, you can. We have different requirements for shipping within the state, to another state, and to other countries. Kindly contact our office at 1-800-691-2335 to get more information on shipping wine.

Yes, you can. Beer bottles require careful packaging. And like any other alcohol shipment, there are rules to adhere to. Kindly contact our office at 1-800-691-2335 to get more information on shipping beer.

Yes, you can. Visit our contact page or contact our office at 1-800-691-2335 to get more information on mailing liquor.

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