FTL Shipping and its benefits

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FTL Shipping and its benefits

Freight shipping can be a complex and daunting process. With so many options available, is an FTL or Full Truckload shipping option the right one for your freight shipments? Read this guide to learn more about FTL freight shipping and its benefits.

What is FTL freight shipping? What does FTL mean?

Full Truckload, or FTL in shipping, as the name suggests, is a shipping option that gets you a dedicated truck for shipping FTL consignments. This is done mainly for safety reasons and exclusive services. This is the opposite of LTL or Less-than-truckload, where you share truck space with other customers.

How does FTL shipping work?

Full Truckload shipping is ideal for those with high-value shipments or time-sensitive consignments that need to get to their destination safely and promptly. Another reason FTL is a popular shipping option, especially when expedited shipping by businesses, is fewer stops, making it an ideal choice for delivering on time.

Challenges of FTL shipping

While FTL shipping is an excellent option for those seeking security for their FTL shipments until they reach their destination, there are a few setbacks of this method. Here are some challenges faced when opting for an FTL shipping option.

Fewer Consignments

If you have fewer consignments to ship and your pallets are under 15, you may find LTL or Less-than-truckload a better option for your needs.


During current events, such as the pandemic lockdown, the world faced a dire shortage of trucks, making it challenging to book FTL shipping.

Rigid Schedules

Because of its limited availability, LTL shipping is frequently on a tight and rigid schedule, making it harder to fulfill your requirements within the given time.

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Benefits of FTL shipping

As a small business owner, it makes sense to stick to LTL shipping options that are more cost effective and achieve similar results to the FTL. But LTL may not be the right option as your business expands and you find your needs outgrowing its capability.

Here are some benefits of choosing FTL freight shipping for your needs.


It is a common misconception that FTL shipping is expensive since it requires booking an entire truck.

On the contrary, FLT shipping is cost-effective and convenient for those with larger consignments to move around the world.

Faster transit times

Unlike LTl shipping which is riddled with multiple stops along the way for every customer booked on it, FTL shipping has fewer stops and is significantly faster than LTL shipping, if fast transit is a top priority.

Provides a variety of shipping options.

Like every other shipping option, FTL shipping has various options, depending on the nature of your shipment. Keep your shipping costs low with SFL Worldwide’s delivery options ranging from standard to expedited and more, including opting for special services like liftgate.

Minimal freight handling

Since your truck is exclusively booked for your shipments, fewer hands are dealing with your shipments. This means you have better security and the possibility of less to no damage to your shipments.

Door-to-door delivery

Unlike LTL shipping, you have the luxury of having your shipments picked up and delivered right to your door. From the moment the shipment leaves your hands till it reaches your destination, the FTL option has you covered.

Perfect for shipping fragile or valuable items

Because the FTL shipping option has fewer people and stops handling your shipments, it is perfect for those shipping fragile items or valuable items. Your truck can only host your items, giving maximum protection for your shipment.

Fixed pick-up windows

FTL shipping is the best for customized deliveries. From having door to door delivery to picking a time frame for pickup, it allows shippers to plan their shipments well in advance.

Peak Season Capacity Space

Since LTL shipments are extremely popular with small business owners, especially around the peak or holiday season, the probability of getting access to FTL shipping is higher than LTL giving you a better chance of fulfilling your shipping needs.


To sum up, FTL freight shipping is ideal for shippers with high-value shipments and those looking to save on shipping rates. With its quick turnaround times, minimal freight handling, and overall effectiveness at delivering your shipments, it is a sought-after and perfect option for those looking to ship on a budget. Stay updated with more freight-related content here.

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