LTL Shipping and its benefits

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LTL Shipping and its benefits

Shipping can be an expensive affair if it’s not done correctly. Opting for LTL or Less-than-truckload shipping can save a lot of money simply because you pay for only the space you use. If you’ve always wondered what does LTL mean in shipping, this guide will tell you all you need to know about LTL Shipping and its benefits.

What is the LTL shipping method?

Have you been wanting to move your freight by truck and always wondered what is LTL in shipping? LTL or Less-than-truckload is a shipping option for those that have fewer things to ship but still want to take advantage of the low prices of a full truck. LTL freight shipping lets you pay only for the size and class of your shipment, as opposed to FTL or Full Truckload shipping, which makes you pay for the full truck, even when it’s half empty. In the LTL option, you share the remaining space with cargo from other customers. You pay for your share of the space and shipping.

How does LTL shipping work?

LTL shipping is an economical and efficient option for those on a budget and a lesser quantity than an entire truckload. The LTL shipments have multiple stops for every customer using the transportation. The shipping rates for freight shipping LTL depends on several factors, such as the amount of space used, domestic or international locations, the nature of the items, etc. Please keep in mind that international LTL shipping costs more than domestic shipping.

You can choose between standard or expedited in LTL trucking, like every other shipping model, and even have special services, such as a lift gate or in-home pickup delivery, by paying additional fees.

Challenges of LTL shipping

No system is ever perfect. Like every other shipping method, LTL shipping has its shortcomings and may not be the best option for all. Some of the challenges faced when opting for freight LTL shipping are —

High Demand for LTL shipping

Since LTL shipping is an economical option that delivers at almost the same time as an FTL shipping option, it is preferred and in demand. This can make it harder to book these shipping options.

Lack of space

In LTL shipping, the space is shared, which means that you may not have the precise space you require for your LTL freight shipments. This can make coordinating between consignments an added challenge for the shipper.

Driver Shortage

In recent times, there have been driver shortages which makes it daunting when shipping LTL freight in a reasonable amount of time.

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Benefits of LTL shipping

With a supremely tough and competitive market, LTL shipping is a reasonable option for small business owners and frequent freight shippers to get their shipments delivered to their end customers on time. Here are some of the awesome benefits of LTL shipping.


As already mentioned, LTL shipping is one of the most cost effective shipping options available in the industry. It is ideal for small businesses and those on a strict budget. Even better, it comes with the same popular delivery options, making it easy for you to ship at your own pace.

Small business friendly

We highly recommend LTL shipping for small business owners needing more bandwidth or the volume to book an entire truck. This is especially useful when you have fewer orders to fulfill. LTL shipping is the best option for your business if you’re looking for budget-friendly shipping options.

Perfect for eCommerce

Are you an eCommerce entity? If so, LTL shipping is highly recommended, making it easy to fulfill orders as they come with LTL shipping tracking. You may offer standard transit to expedited shipping options as an eCommerce owner. And LTL shipping is ideal for shipments of every kind.


Since LTL shipping lets other small business owners and frequent shippers share the space with you, the number of resources utilized to fulfill your shipping needs is minimal and very eco-friendly. If you have environment-conscious options high up on your priority list, LTL shipping is ideal for you.

Professional expertise and experience

You have various shipping options with LTL shipping, ranging from expedited to custom deliveries. You can choose to have your goods delivered in a specific time window or use specialized services, such as liftgate for heavier cargo. Or if you need your consignment to reach your destination at the earliest, expedited options will fulfill your needs in a fraction of the usual time.

Provides support and security

LTL shipping is considered one of the safest delivery options. It’s a misconception that shared consignment space is high-risk. Since LTL shipping allows multiple customers to share a single space, they take extreme security measures to ensure every customer’s shipment is safe until they reach the final destination.


Shipping, in current times, can be a chaotic and daunting process. LTL shipping delivers your cargo to your final destination at a fraction of the cost and with more security.

SFL Worldwide is committed to getting customers the best shipping solutions for every freight requirement. Contact our expert advisors’ team with questions or if you have an LTL freight to be shipped on or 1-800-691-2335.

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