PTL Shipping and its benefits

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PTL Shipping and its benefits

With so many options to ship your freight, it can be overwhelming to understand the best option for your needs. In this guide, we talk about PTL shipping, a popular freight shipping option for those that want the most out of freight shipping.

What is PTL shipping?

Partial Truckload or PTL Shipping is a type of freight transportation with the best of both Full Truckload or FTL and Less-than-truckload or LTL shipping. PTL shipping typically transports freight shipments larger than an average LTL shipment and still small enough for a Full Truckload.

How does PTL shipping work?

PTL shipping is a popular freight shipping option considered by those with larger shipments than a typical LTL shipment. PTL shipping combines multiple freight shipments sent to one final destination or geographical area into one truck. The trucking company is responsible for coordinating these shipments and optimizing the space on the truck.

PTL shipping is usually complete on dedicated trucks or trailers with faster transit times and is generally more secure than LTL shipping.

Challenges of PTL shipping

Despite PTL shipping combining the best of both worlds (FTL and LTL), there are some challenges encountered when using this option. Here are some of the top challenges of PTL shipping.


While this is a sought-after freight shipping option, it is not offered by all carriers. This lack of availability can be an issue when looking for an ideal freight shipping option for your needs.

Slower transit

Although PTL shipping is faster than the average LTL shipment, they are still slower and have longer transit times than the average FTL shipping. This can pose a challenge if your shipments are time-sensitive.

Less cost-effective than LTL.

PTL shipping rates are considerably more expensive than LTL shipping. This is a significant challenge, especially if you are trying to stick to a budget and are looking for an economical, cost-effective option.

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Benefits of PTL shipping

There are several benefits to choosing PTL shipping over other modes of freight transportation.


Partial truckload shipping is ideal for those seeking a consistent freight shipping service until final delivery. With PTL shipping, everything is upfront, making it easy for businesses to plan their cost allocation better.

Faster delivery times

Partial truckload shipping has fast delivery times than LTL freight shipping making it a perfect option for those with time-sensitive shipments.

Less wasted space

Because the Partial Truckload Shipping model aims to combine multiple shipments headed to the same location, the space within the truck is heavily optimized to fit as many shipments as possible.

More flexibility

Unlike FTL shipping, you can choose from various options, from standard to expedited and more, including opting for special services like liftgate. You can also increase or decrease the size of your shipments and opt to load based on your requirements instead of booking an entire truck. This makes PTL shipping a very flexible trucking option for businesses.

No need for freight class

Unlike other modes of shipping, PTL shipping negates the need for using freight class to determine your shipping rates, irrespective of whether it is shipped internationally or domestically. The rates are custom depending on the dimensions of your shipment, and no additional charges are accrued in the process.

Less handling

Unlike LTL shipping, PTL shipping has less handling and is only handled upon reaching the final destination. Your shipment remains on the truck through the shipping process, making it ideal for delivering shipments in pristine condition.


Since you pay for what you use in PTL shipping, there is no need to assume the cost of an entire truck like in FTL shipping. Keep your shipping costs low with PTL shipping rates, which is far more economical and cost effective for those on a tight budget.


Partial truckload shipping is a flexible and cost-effective shipping option that provides shippers with the benefits of both LTL and FTL shipping. PTL freight shipping is an excellent choice for shippers who want to save money, increase security, and reduce transit times for their freight. 

With increased visibility and enhanced security, PTL is an excellent choice for high-value or time-sensitive freight. Contact SFL Worldwide at 1-800-691-2335 or visit our website to learn more about PTL shipping.

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