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SFL Worldwide has all the auto transportation solutions for you. With a world-class management system and the most convenient pricing in the industry, you don’t need to look anywhere else for shipping your automobiles, SFL has got you covered.


With the golden age of transportation bringing out one after other innovative alternatives, the landscape for automobiles has been changing acutely. The automobile industry has seen a surge like no other time, and the curve only seems to go upwards. Most households or individuals have one or more than one vehicle in their possession.

With an ever-growing demand for automobiles, auto transportation has become one of the biggest demands, for companies and individuals alike. Shifting cities, states or even countries makes it a hassle to transport vehicles. Even for the automobile industry, shipping vehicles has become one of the biggest challenges. ​SLF Worldwide makes sure to take care of this burden for you. With a colossal archive of assurances, we lend a hand to you in taking care of your heaviest, and perhaps most valuable package.

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SFL Worldwide takes the responsibility of carefully transporting your vehicles, with a plethora of options to choose from, the most common one being through freight. Since 2008, automobile transportation has been a crowning jewel of our transportation services.

With required credentials, we provide proper handling of your automobiles and timely deliveries with the help of our various auto carrier partners who never fail in delivering on time. And with the advancement of tracking technology, we also offer online solutions for real-time tracking and complete visibility for shipments rite from the pickup to the delivery.

We are a licensed Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) agent by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) and freight broker with the Department of Transportation, which allows us to work with the best shipper and freight companies for providing superlative services. Combining our online system with our customs brokers and partners brings down the transportation costs considerably, and helps us in providing you with the best services for the lowest prices.


Open Car Trnsport

Open Car Transport

Open car shipping services are the least expensive option of the bunch. Your automobiles are shipped in an open trailer car carrier. Open car transport at SFL Worldwide is the most opted for shipping option because of its economical and availability quota.

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed Car Transport

Enclosed auto transportation services are aimed at people looking for the ultimate protection during shipping. Your automobiles are securely transported in enclosed trailers on the transporters. The enclosed car transporters add an extra layer of security to your vehicles, especially from extreme weather conditions, road hazards, vandalism, etc. This service is highly recommended for people with high-valued automobiles, whether their value is emotional, or monetary.

Express Car Transport

Express Car Transport

Customers only select this particular type of service when they’re looking for transporters who provide the fastest and quality deliveries. For the quickest and most efficient door to door automobile transportation, Express Car shipping is the best choice. For the convenience of availability of the service, the vehicles are shipped in open car transporter. To give you more conformity, SFL Worldwide’s Express Car Shipping service also provides you with a pick-up window of 48 hours within your order. Your automobile’s journey to its destination starts with us as soon as our car transporter picks it up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most important aspects of our transportation maneuvers that should clear all your doubts, and establish your trust in our services.

One of the most important aspects of auto transportation is handling the automobiles with care and causing no damages. SFL Worldwide provides an end to end insurance to our clientele, so they can be assured that we will handle their vehicles with utmost responsibility. A detailed examination of your vehicle is done by before picking it up, which can be inspected comprehensively upon the delivery to make sure no damages have occurred during the transportation. The transportation company will provide you with a set of documents signed by them to be attested from your end for this insurance service to be legitimized before the shipping.

Another important part of the process is the placement of the order and receiving it. We would suggest you place your shipping order two weeks at the earliest and one week at the latest before the date of moving to get the current pricing and making sure all the processes are taken care of seamlessly.

Clean up your vehicle before handing it to the transportation company for inspection and make sure there are no extra appliances/objects/other things in the vehicle. A quarter tank of gas and a functioning battery in the vehicle are all that is needed from your end.

You will have a 3-day pick-up window once the vehicle reaches your desired destination. Some of our transportation associates also provide location-specific deliveries, which will cost you a little bit more.

Many customers have a varied conception of whether to ship the vehicle open-ended or enclosed. Over 95% of our auto shipments are open-ended and are statistically proven to be safe with very few cases where problems have occurred. If you want extra safety, you can opt for enclosed shipping too, but it may end up costing you at least 30% more than open-ended shipping. We work with the best freight companies to make sure all the safety standards of shipping are met adequately to keep your vehicles safe and sound.

We have a track record of having over 90% of vehicles picked up and shipped within a week.

Depending on the distance, the weather and the population centers, it might take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks to deliver your vehicle to your destination. The rough estimate will be provided to you by the transportation company handling the shipment of your vehicle, along with live-tracking for your convenience.

If you will be moving and picking up your vehicle too, make sure to let the vehicle go before you move to arrive at your destination before your vehicle does. You will also be aided by the 3-day pickup window provided by us after your vehicle is shipped successfully.

Refund & cancellation policies depend on the auto transport carrier terms and condition. Generally, auto transportation can be canceled before 3 business days of the moving window. Please contact your sales representative to learn more about refund and cancellation policies.

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