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A Comprehensive Guide to Royal Mail Delivery Services

Shipping services play an undisputed part in our communication and daily life. From communicating with a loved one to signing huge contracts, they play a critical role in our lives. It becomes crucial to select a shipping partner that can ship your packages in a reliable and efficient manner.

Read this blog to explore Royal Mail delivery services in detail, from learning further about their domestic and international shipping options to their Special Delivery Guaranteed shipping option for guaranteed next day shipping. Learn the customs requirements and benefits of using these shipping options. From this blog, you will also get an overview of a better alternative for shipping packages with SFL Worldwide.

What is the Royal Mail Delivery Service?

Royal Mail is one of the oldest names in the United Kingdom and is coveted for being one of the world’s top shipping establishments. Established in 1516, the company has been delivering letters and parcels to customers all over the UK and internationally. The closest Mail Centre is always a stone’s throw away from where you are in the UK, and shipping of your mail or parcel is never a problem with Royal Mail.

Read further to find out the rates for international shipping for all Royal Mail parcels and letters. This handy guide will also walk you through customs clearance and documentation requirements for shipping internationally.

Overview of Royal Mail's Domestic and International Delivery Services

Do you have letters or parcels that need to be delivered somewhere in the UK or Northern Ireland? Royal Mail provides delivery services throughout the UK and to many locations internationally. These delivery options are catered to suit every shipping need and are based on the weight and dimensions of your package, including First Class, Second Class, and Royal Mail Tracked services. The Royal Mail Tracked option enables shippers for tracking their mail from dispatch to delivery. You can avail of the same-day option on some Royal Mail and Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed options for delivering mail, business mail, urgent documents, or packages.

Sending Letters and Parcels

Keep in mind that the Royal Mail Delivery Services are not limited to sending a package from a mail centre nearby. You can also deliver letters to your kith and kin from a nearby local mail centre, post office, or online. The First Class and Second Class options can have your letters delivered within 1-3 days for First Class and 2-3 days for Second Class. Additionally, shippers can choose to have the company deliver their letter using the Royal Mail Tracked option from the nearest mail centre or online post office at affordable postage rates and track their delivery and even opt to receive a signature confirmation upon delivery of the mail or parcel.

For any international mail or parcel delivery, you can opt between International Standard and International Tracked shipping. These are available at nominal postage rates. That said, the delivery speeds vary based on the nature of the parcel and the destination country. The Royal Mail is undoubtedly one of the most trusted choices for shipping in the UK, with reasonable postage rates, wide variety of delivery options for sending letters and parcels with tracking within the UK and internationally.

Benefits of Using Royal Mail Delivery Services

Royal Mail delivery services have several benefits for those residing in the UK or outside for sending mail and packages. Whether you’re shipping for your small business or sending a care package to a near and dear one, there is a multitude of benefits to using Royal Mail for your parcel deliveries. Here are some of the top advantages when utilizing Royal Mail for your shipping needs.

  • Multiple Mail Centre and Post Office branches across the UK
  • Plethora of flexible parcel delivery options and business services to suit different budgets and timeframes.
  • Reliability and consistency in delivering packages on time.
  • Online package tracking for Royal Mail provides extra peace of mind in choosing from a plethora of mail centres when sending mail and helps people stay informed about the delivery speeds of their packages.
  • Compensation cover on any missed parcel or letter

One of the biggest benefits of Royal Mail is the widespread nature of their mail centres and post office branches. They are situated in prime locations that make them a convenient choice to send a parcel or a letter. They also have a variety of shipping options to suit every type of shipping need to ensure your parcel arrives on time and in good condition.

Royal Mail International Delivery Service

Royal Mail provides international delivery services to over 200 countries worldwide. They offer various international delivery options for your Royal Mail from any mail centre based on the weight and dimensions of your package, including International Standard, International Tracked & Signed, and International Tracked. These options include real-time tracking of your package. International Standard is the most affordable option and typically takes between 3-5 working days for delivery. On the other hand, International Tracked & Signed and International Tracked offer patrons the ability to track their packages throughout the delivery process and provide signature confirmation upon guaranteed delivery.

Shipping Rates and Delivery Times for International Destinations

Royal Mail’s international delivery rates for a parcel or letter vary based on the destination, parcel weight, and dimensions. International Standard rates start from £1.70, and delivery times vary based on the destination, ranging from 3-7 working days. International Tracked & Signed and International Tracked rates start from £8.65, with delivery times for a parcel or letter ranging from 3-5 working days for Europe and 5-7 working days for the rest of the world.

Custom Clearance and Documentation Requirements

When shipping internationally with Royal Mail, it’s important to ensure that your post meets the customs clearance and documentation requirements of the destination country. Shippers must complete customs declaration forms, which provide information on the contents of the package and its value.

Additionally, certain countries may require additional documentation, such as import licenses, to clear customs for guaranteed delivery. Royal Mail provides guidance on the requirements for each destination country on its website or any mail centre, or the post office to help shippers ensure that their packages meet the necessary requirements for guaranteed delivery.

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Royal Mail Special Delivery Service

Royal Mail’s Special Delivery oprion is an ideal option for those who need guaranteed delivery of their packages by the next working day in a quick and reliable condition. This option provides guaranteed delivery on the next working day by either 1 pm or 9 am the next working day, depending on the chosen option. Whether you are sending mail, urgent business letters, documents, or time-sensitive packages, the Guaranteed option can provide you with the extra peace of mind that comes with knowing that your package will deliver by the next working day or by when it is needed. Here are some additional details about this guaranteed option:

  • This shipping option is available for both domestic and international packages, making it a versatile option for sending packages to different locations.
  • These packages are handled with extra care and attention to ensure that they arrive in perfect condition.
  • This shipping option provides shippers with tracking information and signature confirmation upon delivery, ensuring that the parcel is delivered to the intended recipient.
  • Add ons, such as insurance, email notifications, and delivery to a specific location, such as a post office branch, are available for an additional fee.
  • The cost of these options varies based on the parcel weight, dimensions, delivery location, and time frame, but it is generally more expensive than other delivery options due to its speed and reliability.

Overall, the Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed option is an excellent choice for shippers who need guaranteed delivery when sending any mail or parcel. With its range of delivery options and additional options, shippers can tailor the service to their specific needs and ensure that their parcel arrives on time and in perfect condition.

How Much Does the Royal Mail Special Delivery Service Cost?

The cost of the Special Delivery Guaranteed service varies based on the parcel weight, dimensions, delivery location, and time frame. For domestic parcels, prices start from £7.90, while for international parcels, prices start from £32.80. Add-ons such as postage, stamps, tools, insurance, signature confirmation, and emails are available when you pay additional money. The rates can vary for letters and parcels. Do check your local mail centre or post office for updated rates for postage and stamps for sending letters and compensation cover on lost/damaged parcels.

Package Weight and Dimensions

The maximum weight for parcels shipped through Royal Mail’s Guaranteed service is 20 kg for domestic parcels and 2 kg for international parcels. Additionally, parcels must not exceed 61 cm in length, 46 cm in width, and 46 cm in height.

Delivery Location and Time Frame

Royal Mail’s Guaranteed service is available for dispatch to addresses throughout the UK and internationally. For domestic parcels, the service is available seven days a week, including Sundays and bank holidays. For international parcels, drop off times vary based on the destination, but parcels are guaranteed to be delivered by either 1 pm or 9 am the next working day.

Additional Services (e.g., Insurance, Signature Confirmation)

Shippers can purchase additional options for their parcels shipped through Royal Mail’s Special Delivery Guaranteed service, including insurance, signature confirmation, and email notifications. Insurance is available up to a value of £2,500 for domestic parcels and £500 for international parcels. Signature confirmation ensures that the parcel is only delivered to the intended recipient and is available for an additional fee. Additionally, shippers can opt-in to receive email notifications, which provide updates on the status of their parcels throughout the shipping process.

Locating Your Nearest Royal Mail Delivery Office

If you need to locate your nearest Royal Mail branch in the UK, you can use the company’s website or mobile app to find the closest branch based on your location. Royal Mail’s branches are located throughout the UK, making it easy for shippers to send and receive packages and letters. Additionally, some branches offer additional options, such as booking shipments online compensation cover, tracking packages, and collecting missed deliveries or attempting delivering missed parcels. You can also contact our branch here to get help locating your nearest Royal Mail branch and ensure that your packages are delivered efficiently and on time.

SFL Worldwide's International Shipping Services

SFL Worldwide is a global logistics and transportation company with a vast network of logistics partners that offers international shipping services to any address through our vast network. Our options include air and ocean freight, customs clearance, and international courier methods. We offer a range of shipping options, including door-to-door residential address, port-to-port, and airport-to-airport services.

At SFL Worldwide, you can gain access to some of the lowest rates on the market. Book a range of international shipping options within seconds online on our website. When it comes to sending international letters and parcels, we understand that convenience is key. That’s why we offer a free pickup for our shippers, where we collect their parcels upon shipment booking online, making the process hassle-free. Our online shipping rates are competitive, and we provide real-time tracking info for packages, giving our shippers peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

In addition to our pickup, we also offer a range of shipping options online to suit different budgets and timelines. Our customs clearance process ensures that packages meet all necessary regulations and avoid any potential delays in shipping. We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer support, and our team is always available to answer any questions or concerns our clients may have.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable and convenient option that you can book from the comforts of your home online for sending international letters and parcels, SFL Worldwide is a perfect choice. Our commitment to providing top-notch shipping and excellent customer support sets us apart from other shipping providers.


In conclusion, while Royal Mail is a well-known and trusted shipping provider, SFL Worldwide offers a broader range of international shipping that is easily available to you through our intuitive online booking system and is ideal for businesses and individuals looking to ship packages worldwide.

SFL Worldwide takes pride in being the best in air and ocean freight, customs clearance, and international courier. We offer some of the lowest shipping rates online and provide shippers with real-time tracking for their packages online, ensuring peace of mind throughout the shipping process. So, if you’re looking for reliable international shipping, SFL Worldwide is an excellent option to consider.

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