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  • Post published:January 29, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of Shipping Cargo by Air Freight | Quick Tips

International shipping sounds like a tedious and heavy task to undertake right?
But wait, shipping via air sounds so convenient and easy.
Well, let us dive into the world of International Shipping via Air freight and see their benefits.

Top 5 Benefits of Air Shipping

25aa Low-Risk factor

Our major concerns while shipping is delayed shipment, damage control, and accidents. For high valued items, air shipping is efficiently reliable as the safest and the most secured one. With minimal handling and tight security, it reduces damage control and theft. Also, airlines top the game with their impeccable schedules. They ship cargo on time even in the event of a missed or delayed flight.

25aa Fastest mode of shipping

Shipping via air is a lot more convenient and a much quicker process than other modes of shipping for delivery to your doorstep. Air freight doesn’t require fuel breaks and serves as the best way to ship for time-sensitive shipments. On average, air freight takes 4-5 business days for shipping, this might vary depending on the rules of both countries.

25aa Shipping anywhere around the world

Think about all the possible means of shipping; railway, road, and ocean – All these modes have boundary limitations and can be cumbersome for shipping to small countries and remote areas. This is where air shipping comes to your rescue. It serves you with guaranteed shipment to any corner of the world.

25aa Cost Control

We have a pre-conceived notion of air freight being costly. Well, air freight needs only a minimal amount of packaging. With air shipping, goods in transit do not take long to get cleared due to which there is no need to rent a warehouse or insure goods with high premiums. Air shipping cuts down on all your costs related to packaging, warehousing, insurance premiums.

25aa Track your Shipment

It is easy to track your shipments in air shipping with the flight number. We can monitor your shipment from take-off through landing. With SFL, you are always updated with the status of your shipment sent via air shipping.

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