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  • Post published:October 4, 2020

All you need to know – Open vs Closed Enclosed Car Transport

Are you planning to migrate to a different state or country? If yes, then your vehicle needs to be transported to a new place as well. While taking into consideration all the safety nitty-gritty, it is advisable to get your car shipped rather than opting to drive it yourself. With SFL Worldwide as your auto transport partner, you get to choose your shipment according to your requirement. Our comprehensive suite of automobile shipping solutions include:

  • Open car transport
  • Enclosed car transport

Open Car Transport is used for shipping your used cars as it is transported on a two leveled trail which is open to the sky as the name depicts.

Enclosed Car Transport is basically a mode of shipping your automobile with the utmost level of safety, care, and protection. It acts as a shield to your car as it is entirely covered and has enclosed trailers. This option is usually adopted in order to ship your luxury car, a new car, or a vintage car as it needs complete coverage for its maintenance. It keeps your automobile intact because only six to seven cars are shipped together at a go.

As Enclosed car transport is covered from both sides, it protects your car from the weather uncertainties and car bouncing because of uneven roads. Moreover, the drivers of Enclosed Car Transport are extremely trained and have a good amount of driving experience. Under Enclosed Car Transport, we offer a premium level of safety which is known as “White Glove Option”. White-Glove Option enables you to have superior customer care as your car gets more attention in comparison to others, with an absolute level of transparency by the driver. We provide you the facility to keep a constant check on your car and communicate with the allotted driver for the same. Apart from this, it also facilitates you with a better Insurance plan and has a single enclosed trail, which means there are no other cars shipped with yours in the same trail.

We at SFL Worldwide, provide you with Enclosed Car Transport services to deliver your prized possession safely at your doorstep, keeping in mind all your personal and financial emotions attached to it.

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