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All You Should Know | Shipping Medicine and Medical Supplies

Shipping medication is a complex process. Prescription medication is heavily regulated and has strict rules for shipping, especially when shipping medicine internationally. That said, there may be times when you require your prescription medication to be shipped urgently overseas.

In this blog, we will take a closer look at shipping medicines and the many pitfalls you need to be aware of.

What shipping method for medicine?

You are allowed to ship prescription medication via mail, provided you have the necessary license and are able to submit the documentation to deliver the medication to the recipient. Over-the-counter medications are still treated with the same strict regulations like prescription medication.

Shipping companies, such as FedEx, UPS, and DHL medicine shipping services stipulate all the laws applicable to the final state when shipping to USA or any other country. SFL Worldwide has shipping advisors who can guide you on the laws governing your state or country. Click here to contact them.

Rules and Regulations for Shipping Medicine

Importers are required to follow strict guidelines, when it comes to shipping medication. Whether you plan for medicine shipping from India to USA or within the United States, rules for medicine shipping apply. Here is a list of rules and regulations that apply when shipping medication.

1. Understand the law

Mailing prescription medication requires an in-depth understanding of the law. Read up on the laws that apply to your final destination state or country before you commence the shipping process.

2. Documentation

Shipments with medication are heavily regulated and checked.  Ensure you have the necessary documentation required to clear customs and ship medication in the first place.

3. Address the Package

It is very important to properly address the recipient of the package. Any package addressed to the wrong recipient could result in the package being returned to the manufacturer and cause an unnecessary delay.

4. Inform the Recipient

Some packages will not be delivered unless they are handed to and signed directly by the recipient. Be sure to inform the recipient of the package arrival ahead of the delivery and ask them to keep an identification card ready to show for proof of delivery.

Required documentation

Every shipment with medication requires proper medical licensing and documentation. Without them, you cannot ship prescription medication. The shipper must comply with local and international laws and package the product, taking into consideration the properties of the medication, such as flammability and toxicity. Complete the necessary forms to state the intended use of the medication along with a copy of your original prescription.


Medication shipping is heavily regulated. Every shipment with medication is checked thoroughly for compliance. The Customs and Border Protection of all countries forbid people to bring large amounts of medication into a country. There is usually a maximum allowable limit and duration to bring medication into a country. Read up on specific limits and regulations on how much and how to pack medication for shipping.

Keep it separate

As a general rule, it is a safe idea to pack individual shipments instead of cramming multiple prescription medications into a single container. Each medication must be individually labeled and clearly marked with the necessary details pertaining to that prescription. Failure to provide actual information, such as the name of the drug, conditions for storing, DIN, lot number, expiration date, and directions for use, could deem the shipment as false and misleading, resulting in the confiscation of the shipment.

1. Copy of the prescription

This is the most important document when shipping medication.

2. Appropriate packing material

Use appropriate packing precautions when shipping medicine, such as bubble wrap and peanuts to keep your contents secure in transit.

3. Label your shipments

Ensure your shipments are labeled correctly and addressed to the right recipient.

4. Check your carrier

It is important to verify if your shipping company has restrictions for shipping medication.

4. Climate Control

Your package needs to provide the necessary temperature and climate control as required by the medication.

Is Ayurveda herbs considered medicine when shipping to usa?

Even though Ayurvedic medications are made from natural herbs, they are still regulated in many countries across the globe despite their non-life threatening nature. As long as you have prescriptions and other documentation necessary for supporting your shipment, you should be fine shipping Ayurvedic herbs overseas.


Have more questions on shipping medication? Visit the SFL Worldwide’s support page to contact our shipping advisors directly with your questions. Be sure to check our prohibited items page for information related to shipping overseas and package restrictions.

Read our blog on customs duty to learn about the customs clearance process.

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