Paying For Excess Baggage
  • Post published:October 29, 2020

Is it cheaper to ship your luggage or pay for excess baggage?

Are you moving to a different place or planning to go for a long holiday? Do you need to carry more than the basic allowance but are concerned about the hefty excess baggage charges?

Welcome to SFL Worldwide that guides you in finding a solution that helps you lower your costs dramatically. Usually while traveling, a few extra kilos above the given weight limit can cost you enough to break your budget. In such scenarios, the better option is shipping your belongings in boxes via air or ocean depending on your requirement. Choosing to ship over excess baggage proves to be cost-effective and leads you to a soft and hassle-free journey as your belongings are with the industry experts.

While shipping your belongings in cargo, you have to choose between air freight or ocean freight, this depends on your personal requirement. If the goods being shipped are crucial for your initial stay, you should consider choosing air freight whereas if your belongings won’t affect your initial stay and you can wait for a few months, choosing ocean freight can save you a whole lot of money.

As industry experts since 2005, SFL understands how hectic relocation is, and thus for our customer’s convenience, we provide them with door-to-door shipping service. Your belongings are picked and packed from the pickup location, stored until the right departure date, and then delivered to your allotted address for utmost convenience.

The difference between air freight and ocean-freight

The shipping cost varies in air freight and ocean freight. While shipping via Air, the size and the weight (whichever weighs higher) of the cargo are taken into consideration. On the other hand, in ocean freight, the cost is calculated based on the space consumed in the cargo. With our tailored services curated to keep your budget and timeframe as a top priority, we help you get your shipment delivered prior to or post-arrival depending on your individual requirement.

The major catch of shipping your cargo instead of paying for extra baggage is:

  • There is no weight limit for shipping.
  • Through airlines, you have to pay in thousands for excess baggage but while shipping your belongings, you can save up to 70%.
  • All your goods are insured and any loss during the process is highly compensated.
  • Clearance and custom duties are in the expert’s hands so you don’t have to worry.
  • Easily keep an eye on your shipment with our online tracking system.

To top it all off, SFL Worldwide’s customer care service is available for you at any hour of the day as serving our customers efficiently and effectively is our prime duty.

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