Complete Door-to-Door Relocation Process

Are you looking to relocate to another destination overseas? Find reliable door-to-door relocation services for every kind of relocation – for home or office- on SFL Worldwide.

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Relocation Process

Are you planning to relocate? SFL Worldwide is here to guide you through your entire shipping process for a hassle-free experience. Avoid last-minute confusion and chaos with SFL’s step-by-step relocation guide, and prevent the hassles and inconvenience of packing, moving, unpacking into a new location.

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First Things First

Don’t panic! Start by making preliminary decisions, such as determining your time frame and service requirements. If you are relocating at your company’s request, you should evaluate your relocation benefits from your company relocation policy.

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Should it Stay or Should it Go?

Next, you should go through your belongings to figure out what you want to take with you (and when you will need it), what you want to put in the storage, and everything you need to dispose of before calling in the experts.

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Call in the Experts

Having determined which belongings will come with you, contact your local SFL Worldwide consultant and seek their counsel on the list of items you plan to take with you. They help you determine how much volume your shipment converts to, which determines your shipping rates.

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Protect Your Belongings

After you and your consultant have decided the shipment volume, you should go through them again, but this time determining the value of your shipment. Once you’ve done that, you can fill out a valued inventory form to protect them under our coverage plan.

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Make Your Travel Plans

Once you’ve set a date for your move, you should make your travel arrangements, including temporary accommodation in origin and the destination. SFL Worldwide can help you with this—ask your consultant for details.

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Organize Your Paperwork

You need to keep all your required documentation organized as soon as possible. This includes visa applications, passport renewals, customs forms, and change of address notices. Most importantly, hold on to the inventory form filled out in step 4. SFL Worldwide can offer assistance with all the necessary paperwork. Simply ask your representative

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Set a Little Something Aside

Before moving day, it is important to set aside all those items you do not wish to be packed in the shipment. This would include your passport and other important documents, tickets, money, and jewelry, among other things. The last thing you want is a crucial document stuck in transit when you need it!

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Moving Out

On moving day, you (or an authorized representative) must be there for the whole duration of the packing and loading. You would need to verify your belongings based on the packing inventory and be present to answer any questions the moving team might have.

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Arrival at Destination

Once you arrive in your new home, contact your local SFL Worldwide consultant to arrange the delivery of your belongings and start getting settled as soon as possible. SFL goes beyond shipping and offers our assistance in finding homes for rent, schools, orientation tours, cross-cultural training, and more. If your move to your new home is delayed, SFL Worldwide can help you with temporary accommodation and storage and assist you in extending your protection accordingly. Ask your consultant for more details.

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Moving In

Once you’ve selected your new house and made all the necessary arrangements, it’s time for your delivery! Our expert moving team will ensure no confusion over where things go, thanks to our unique Color Coding System. After they have finished, they will even remove the packing materials left behind. Should you desire further settling-in, value-added services while you adjust to your new home, SFL Worldwide can also offer maid and handyman services to help turn your boxes into a home as soon as possible.

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Srinath Jukanti
Excellent service
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srinivasa Kosuri
Nice experience with SFL worldwide. Their sales rep in the US was very helpful, polite and answered all my questions patiently.
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anil kumar
Excellent service, I send documents to home country at a very reasonable price, Highly recommend them for. customer support is very quick in turnaround. Great experience overall.
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Saranya M
Used this to ship documents to India at half the price of FedEx and I am happy with the service!
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Nilesh Shah
Amazing and reliable service at very cheap price.
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Omkar Kulkarni
Documents shipped with SFL to Mumbai with 1/3rd price (End carrier- Fedex). Highly recommend. Thanks Ambuj.
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Shanmugavel Balasubramanian
I shipped four boxes to Small village near Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu India. It came to my home as it is. No issues. Great service, tracking and delivery.
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Krishna Kumar
Used SFL worldwide for my shipping services to india. They did a great job and able to get the shipment done in 4 days through fedex. Definitely recommend.
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Santosh Kumar
Really happy with the service. SFL was more than 50 % discounted than any other courier services. Even the document got delivered really fast.
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Deepak Datwani
Excellent service. Sent few documents internationally from Dallas, reached in 3 days at half the price that regular couriers would charge. Very professional team.
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