Customs Forms Requirements for Shipping to France

Learn the essential customs forms and requirements for shipping various items from the USA to France, including documents, gifts, and merchandise.

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Shipping items internationally requires thorough knowledge of customs regulations to ensure that goods move smoothly across borders without unexpected delays or charges. When sending items from the USA to France, understanding the specific customs forms and requirements is essential.

This article covers the necessary forms and endorsements needed for various types of shipments to France, including business documents, merchandise samples, gifts, and commercial products.

1. Overview of Shipping to France

France, being a significant player in the global market and a central hub in Europe, has well-defined regulations for importing goods. As a member of the European Union (EU), France adheres to the EU’s customs regulations, which aim to streamline processes across member states. However, certain national specifics still apply, particularly concerning the paperwork required for the entry of goods.

2. Documents and Business Correspondence

For business correspondence, commercial papers, and documents, the required customs form is the PS Form 2976-B. This form should be placed inside PS Form 2976-E, a plastic envelope that is attached to the outside of the package. This setup helps protect the documentation from damage during shipping and ensures visibility for customs inspection.

Why is PS Form 2976-B Essential?

PS Form 2976-B, known as a Customs Declaration and Dispatch Note, is important because it provides the customs authorities with detailed information about the nature of the shipped documents. It serves to assert that the contents are strictly documents with no commercial value, thereby typically exempting them from customs duties.

3. Samples, Gifts, and Data Media

When shipping to France, merchandise samples, gifts, or data media like computer cards, magnetic tapes, microfilms, and microfiches, the same form, PS Form 2976-B, is required. Again, this form must be placed inside the PS Form 2976-E plastic envelope. This category also usually benefits from duty exemptions, provided the items are of nominal value and are not intended for sale.

Special Considerations for Gifts

Gifts shipped to France can be exempt from customs duties if their value does not exceed a certain threshold. It’s important to declare the item as a gift on the customs form to qualify for this exemption. However, keep in mind that for high-value items, even if marked as gifts, the recipient may need to pay duties and taxes.

4. Merchandise and Dutiable Articles

For merchandise and all articles subject to customs duty, the procedure becomes more stringent. The same PS Form 2976-B is used, enclosed in PS Form 2976-E. However, there are additional requirements:

Invoice Requirements

An invoice must accompany all commercial shipments, regardless of their value, and all personal shipments valued at $300 or more. This invoice must be provided in duplicate. One copy should be affixed to the outside of the parcel, and the other enclosed within the plastic envelope along with the customs declaration.

The invoice is a critical document as it provides detailed information about the shipped goods, including the value, quantity, and a detailed description of each item. This information helps customs authorities assess the applicable duties and taxes.

5. Compliance and Tips for Smooth Shipping

The accuracy and completeness of the customs forms and invoices are paramount. Errors or omissions can lead to delays, additional inspections, or even the return of the shipment. Always double-check that all information is accurate and that no required details are missing.

Proper packaging and labeling are also important. Ensure that the shipment is well-packed to prevent damage and that all forms and invoices are securely attached and protected.

For regular shippers, considering Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) systems may be beneficial. EDI allows for the electronic exchange of customs documents, which can speed up the shipping process and reduce paperwork errors.

Closing Thoughts

Understanding and adhering to the customs requirements for shipping to France from the USA is essential for ensuring that your items are delivered efficiently and without unexpected costs. By properly using the required PS Form 2976-B and PS Form 2976-E, and by providing accurate invoices and other necessary documentation, shippers can minimize potential issues at French customs.

As international trade regulations can evolve, always stay updated with the latest requirements from both the shipping carrier and French customs authorities.


No, documents generally do not require a declared value unless they contain intrinsic value, such as collectible items.

Electronics can be shipped as gifts, but if their value exceeds €45, they may be subject to duties and taxes upon arrival.

Use bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or foam inserts to secure fragile items, ensuring they are immobile within a sturdy, well-sealed box.

Yes, tracking options are available for most shipping methods. Ensure you choose a service that offers tracking if this is important to you.

Shipments exceeding the value limit may be held at customs until duties and taxes are paid by the recipient.

Shipping times vary by service but typically range from 3-15 days, depending on whether you choose express or standard options.

Yes, you can ship food items, but they must be store-bought and packaged, and you should check for any current restrictions on food imports.

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