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What is Standard Shipping ? Delivery time explained.


Shipping terms, in general, can be a bit confusing. The most default shipping method that carriers use for standard delivery is usually standard shipping. In this blog, you will learn what is standard shipping, how long it takes to deliver your items with standard shipping, and the costs associated with standard shipping.

What Is Standard Shipping?

So what does standard shipping really mean? Standard shipping is a regular shipping service that does not carry the bells and whistles of express shipping or flat rate shipping. Unlike express shipment methods that guarantee next-day delivery service, standard shipping speed may take a little longer to deliver via standard mail services. They are generally considered cheaper delivery options and are preferred by customers seeking shipping services at a reasonable shipping price.

The delivery times for this method depend on a number of factors, including the courier you choose at the time of booking.

How Long Standard Shipping Will Take?

One of the things customers want to know is how long does standard shipping take to deliver their shipments. Whether you’re shipping boxes with video games or mere envelopes, the delivery times depend on your shipment’s nature, location, speed, and size. Find out everything you need to know about standard shipping on our resourceful website, get accurate quotes, and learn how long is standard shipping with our instant rate calculator here.

USPS has two main options for standard shipping – USPS Priority Mail and First-Class Mail. Priority Mail packages are usually delivered in 1-3 business days, First-Class Mail packages are delivered in 1 5 business days, and small packages in 2-7 business days.

UPS Ground are UPS’s most popular and standard shipping options. It is an affordable and cost-effective solution. The UPS Ground shipping time is usually within 1 to 5 days. You get free tracking information through the delivery window using your tracking number provided at the time of booking and can enable signature confirmation for your shipment on delivery.

FedEx Ground Shipping is the standard shipping option for FedEx. The ground ship days to deliver for these ground shipping services are 1 to 5 days. You get free tracking information for your shipment at any time.

DHL is a German logistics company that offers global logistics solutions for individuals and businesses that require high-volume delivery using standard international shipping and domestic services through DHL eCommerce Shipping. The company was founded in 1969 with an ever-expanding presence in over 220 destinations worldwide.

How Much Does Standard Shipping Cost?

The standard shipping costs can vary with the delivery services and the carrier you choose for international shipping and domestic shipping. Several factors, such as package weight, can affect postage costs, delivery speed, and delivery time based on the shipping method. For example, let’s say the rates to ship to Puerto Rico are different in comparison to other South American cities.  Here is a handy table that will show you how much is standard shipping with any major courier service in the United States.

Shipping Service
Starting at $8.50 for USPS Retail Ground
Starting at $9.45 for flat rate small box
Starting at $10.80 for flat rate envelope
Scheduled Pickup
Package Tracking
$50 - Priority Mail; $100 - Priority Mail Express; additional coverage for higher value items
Yes on packages up to $100. Additional coverage may be purchased.
Yes, on packages up to $100. Additional coverage may be purchased.
Yes, Up to $100 value. Additional coverage may be purchased.

Standard Shipping Versus Express Shipping

Shipping packages determine how soon your shipment gets delivered. The former is the way to go if time is not a sensitive factor in choosing packages. They are cheaper and cost-effective for businesses shipping large volumes to their customers. That said, express shipping can also offer overnight shipping and have your items delivered under the overnight delivery options or the next day, making it a convenient option at a premium cost. 

Not time-definite; could be further delayed for rural areas
Premium pricing
Transport Used
Typically by road
Mostly Air-based Shipments

Want to learn more about economy shipping vs standard shipping? Consult with our expert advisors to find out more!


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