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Full Guide on How to Ship Packages As A Small Business Owner


Do you want to learn how to ship a package? You’re in the right spot! Here is a detailed guide on how to send a package, choosing the right type of package, and how to get a quote for your package for shipping.

SFL Worldwide’s packaging experts take care of packing your items using professional techniques and industry-grade material for shipping or moving to domestic and international locations.

Before we get started, we need to know about the different types of packages you can use to ship your items.

Three Types Of Package You Can Use

In shipping, a package simply means a type of shipment. It could be a postcard to a loved one, a box of sweets for your niece’s graduation, or a large order of clothing from your business to your customer. There are different types of packages that are used to suit every kind of item. For example, an envelope is appropriate for packaging an important document or a flat box for shipping clothes.  Let’s take a look at some of the commonly used types of packages when it comes to shipping.


Tubes, as the name suggests, are cylindrical packages that hold rolled-up documents, artwork, or even decorative pampas grass for your vase. It has a hard exterior shell that protects your items during transit.

Envelopes and padded mailers

Envelopes and padded mailers are efficient packages for holding lightweight items such as a t-shirt, a document, and any item that cannot easily be damaged in transit naturally.


Boxes are multi-purpose in how they are used. They are used to package a variety of items from food to clothing. There are different grades of boxes available for securing different items. These are ideal for transporting fragile items.

Easy Steps to Ship a Package

Learn how to mail a package to your destination with these 7 easy steps.

Fix Your Shipment Destination

The first step in shipping a package is to determine the origin and final destinations. This helps understand customs laws and packaging requirements for sending any item to the final destination.

Ensure The Item

The second step is to finalize the item to be shipped in the package. This helps understand and arrange how to pack the item and packaging material required for added cushioning.

Pack the item.

Collect all the required materials and mailing boxes or mailers and pack the item as efficiently as possible, keeping dimensional weight in mind. Check our tips for packing securely here.

Select The Shipping Service

Choosing the right shipping service is the most important step in the process. SFL Worldwide helps you find the right service for your shipping need with our instant rate calculator that shops around for the lowest prices and the highest quality shipping services for your need.

Get A Shipping Quote

Visit our “Get Quote” page to get access to our exclusive member discounts and low shipping rates.

Confirm your booking

Choose from our rate comparison of various providers and confirm your booking within seconds on our website.

Get the Bill & Track Your Order

Once your order is booked, we provide you with your bill and tracking reference. This is also shared in a confirmation email. Additionally, you can view this information using the login created at the time of booking.

Shipping A Package From Home

With social distancing still in effect in many places around the world and remote work culture becoming first nature to most of us, customers have no other choice but to resort to creative ways to ship their packages from the comforts of their home. Here are some ways you can ship a package from home.

Usps Color

There are two ways to make shipping a package easier.

Schedule a Pickup

USPS offers a pickup service that lets you schedule a pickup within minutes. Contact our office at 1-800-691-2335 to learn how you can have your package picked up without going to the post office.

Drop Box

There are over 30,000 drop box locations available throughout the United States. Simply attach your lavel and drop off your package at one of these locations to make your life easier.

Fedex Logo

All major carriers have a parcel pickup service and this can easily be scheduled using one of the following methods on FedEx

One Time Pickup

A convenient, one-time pickup service that FedEx offers to pick up your package from your residence.

Recurring Pickup

This service lets you create a recurring plan for frequent and regular pickups.

Drop Off

FedEx, like USPS, has drop off facilities to let you drop your packages in a jiffy. These convenient drop boxes are available 24/7 at several locations in the US. You can find a drop off location here.

Ups Logo

What sets UPS apart from its competitors is the complimentary label service that takes care of printing and attaching your pickup label for you. This is useful for those without printers. You can schedule your UPS pick up directly on SFL Worldwide or visit their website here.


That’s it! Shipping a package is an easy task that can be accomplished in a handful of steps. You can now ship your package quickly and efficiently using the helpful advice and instructions provided on this blog. If you have multiple packages to be shipped, visit the contact page at SFL Worldwide or call us on 1-800-691-2335 to have one of our shipping advisors help you.

FAQs - Shipping A Package

The cost for shipping packages can vary depending on a number of factors from weight, dimensional weight, speed, location, and more. Visit our Get Quote to determine the cost to ship your package. At SFL Worldwide, we offer exclusive member discounts on low shipping prices on every booking.

If you’re wondering how do I ship a package that is large and light, typically, USPS has some of the lowest pricing options for large light packages. That said, if speed is a top criterion for shipping, we recommend UPS or FedEx. Contact our shipping advisors to learn more.

If you’re wondering how do you ship a package that is large, here is a simple solution. Since large packages occupy more space in your mode of transport, shipping companies will apply rates after calculating dimensional weight to take into account the space your package will occupy. For multiple packages, we recommend consolidating all your packages into a consolidated freight package to save on your shipping.

We often find our customers wondering how do I mail a package and understand that finding the right shipping option for your need can be daunting if done through search engines and manual shopping around. This is why SFL Worldwide’s rate calculator simplifies your job by getting you the options, their rates, and comparisons in seconds on our website. You can alternatively call us at 1-800-691-2335 to be helped by our shipping experts.

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