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Worldwide Shipping Destinations

Whether you’re an individual sharing sweet treats with your family back in your home country or an eCommerce business shipping multiple packages to customers around the world, SFL Worldwide takes care of it all. Our cheap international package delivery services ship to nearly 200+ destinations worldwide with low-cost shipping rates and high-quality worldwide shipping services. Reaching your customers or friends living in any corner of the world is now just a click away!

Did you know the SFL Worldwide website has an extensive resources section that provides information on customs regulations of every shipping destination? Additionally, our team of shipping experts will also help you prepare and complete the necessary documentation required for customs at the time of booking.

Cheap International Shipping

Finding the cheapest rates to ship your packages to any destination worldwide is now a breeze with SFL’s intuitive, user-friendly shipping calculator. Our rates are heavily discounted with volume-based pricing from all leading shipping carriers. Pay less when you ship with SFL Worldwide than if you booked directly with a courier.

Simply provide your package dimensions, weight, and shipping destination to find the cheapest pricing on the internet!

How is SFL Worldwide able to provide cheap rates for worldwide shipping?

It’s quite simple. Due to the large volume of packages we send regularly through leading carriers, we receive discounted rates from the industry’s top players such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS. We allow our customers to enjoy this discounted pricing and ultimately offer you the cheapest shipping worldwide without any compromise in the quality of shipping services.

Where does SFL Worldwide ship to?


SFL provides a wide range of international shipping services for several countries in Asia. Thanks to our established network connections, we have some of the best parcel delivery and shipping solutions for Asia with expert help for localized challenges. Our services come with full tracking that enables you to track your parcel every step of the way!


Do you have frequent bulky shipments to be sent to Africa? Our time-conscious, express service ensures your packages are shipped with the utmost care using special pallets and crates that can handle the heavy load of your shipments. We offer door-to-door pickup and delivery services for shipments of any size and type.


Our network of specialists provide expert shipping services to several countries in the Caribbean. We have a unique shipping and tracking system that allows us to cater to you in a seamless manner. Tackle the intricacies of island nations with our extensive resources for an unparalleled experience!

Popular Destinations - Caribbean


Connect your business to customers on the other side of the world using our swift worldwide shipping to Europe. SFL offers a wide range of shipment services for both personal and commercial purposes using our vast network of shippers to multiple countries in the European continent. This includes parcel pick-up and delivery right to your doorstep.


At SFL, we ship everything from 20ft containers to documents to any country in the Middle East. Our vast network of connections cater to multiple destinations in the Middle East with all the reliability and cost-effectiveness you need. We have various options ranging from express to economy shipping to suit your time and budget.

Popular Destinations - Middle East


North America is a humongous continent, especially for eCommerce merchants. But don’t let that deter you from taking a leap into one of the biggest markets for your business. Our parcel delivery services cater to all destinations in the United States and other countries in North America. From New York to LA, we have got you covered!


The most popular destinations when it comes to Oceania are Australia and New Zealand. At SFL, we offer worldwide shipping solutions for these destinations and surrounding island nations such as American Samoa, Fiji, and more. Thanks to our extensive network, we deliver to most locations within these countries swiftly and securely!


Simplify your logistics problems with easy and speedy shipping to South America with SFL Worldwide. Our best-in-class shipping solutions cater to businesses and individuals with cargos of all kinds. We connect your business with your audience using our global experience and extensive network. From multinational corporations to corner shop vendors, we take care of them all!

Popular Destinations - South America

Worldwide Shipping Times

It is important to check out shipment methods and estimated delivery times at the time of booking. Worldwide shipping times can vary according to the shipment method, package type and dimensions, and many other factors that affect delivery. Some of our ocean shipping methods are available at incredibly low prices. However, it is important to make sure you allow sufficient time for the shipment to be complete.

At SFL, we also offer swift air shipping that can ship your package to nearby destinations such as Mexico and Canada as fast as the next working business day. Some of our destinations such as Europe and certain countries in Asia have a vast network that allows your shipment to be delivered faster than other remote locations in the world. Our online shipping calculator will help compare prices and transit times from various couriers right here on our website for a wide range of expedited to economy shipping services.

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Tips for quick and easy Worldwide Shipping

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Big Thanks to SFL worldwide for delivering 6 feet eco-friendly & very delicate Ganesh Murti (Statue) from India to US via Air shipment. They did fantastic job in Packing, Shipping & helping with unpacking.…

Mrs. Yarlagadda

We are moving from Dallas, Texas to Vijayawada, India. We booked a 40-foot container high cube for our move. The packers and loaders are very experienced and know what to do and what not…

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