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Save up to 70% on all shipping to Australia. Whether you ship documents or move to Australia, SFL is your trusted partner for all your shipping & moving needs to Australia.

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Shipping to Australia With SFL Worldwide

SFL Worldwide is the world’s preferred provider of shipping to Australia services. If you want to enjoy the benefits of working with an established and experienced company for your moving or shipping needs to Australia, then we are the company for you. We feature a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to provide you with maximum flexibility, affordability, and efficiency for your moving or shipping needs.

USA to Australia Shipping Options

  • Rate
  • Transit Time
  • Tracking
  • Door Pickup
  • Door Delivery
  • Delivery Confirmation
  • Custom Duty


0.5 LBS.
  • $35.00
  • 2-4 B. Days
  • Yes
  • At Additional Cost
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Included


5 LBS.
  • $55.00
  • 3-5 B. Days
  • Yes
  • At Additional Cost
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Excluded


25 LBS.
  • $145.00
  • 3-5 B. Days
  • Yes
  • At Additional Cost
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Excluded
Ob Dhl 55% Off

Exclusive Discount

$225.00 $100.00

Ob Fedex 66% Off

Exclusive Discount

$190.00 $65.00

Ob Ups 60% Off

Exclusive Discount

$200.00 $80.00

Logistics Experts since 2005

One thing that you’ll discover when you work with SFL Worldwide is that working with us is like having a friend in the industry. We’ve been helping people just like you with their shipping to Australia for years, and we are well-equipped to help you make your moving or shipping needs to Australia happen.

  • Yellow Tick Sprawling team to help you with any customer support needs you may have
  • Yellow Tick Wide range of services to accommodate any need
  • Yellow Tick Easy process that anyone can navigate

How much does it cost to ship to Australia?

Ship however you like, wherever you like, with SFL Worldwide. We provide you with a shipping gateway to Australia with our worldwide network! We understand that the shipping cost from Australia can be a bit overwhelming and overpriced. However, with SFL Worldwide, enjoy shipping from the United States to Australia relatively cheaply! With more than 60% discount on all major courier services like FedEx, DHL Express, and UPS, ship from New York or Boston to anywhere in Australia! We provide excellent quality service and swift shipping to Australia at a budget-friendly cost! So be it envelopes or any size package, trust this long-distance shipping experience with SFL Worldwide.

Shipping cost from the United States to Australia

Shipping to Australia can be tricky, time-consuming and costly, because of its remote location. However, at SFL Worldwide, we have partnered with renowned companies to reduce shipping costs. Our resources will help customers with customs, hefty paperwork, customs charges, freight, and taxes. So, how much is it to ship to Australia? Cheap and loaded with further discounts! Take a look at them for yourself.

Follow the simple steps

Icon Si Step1

Step 1

Schedule your shipment

Schedule your shipment on our website www.sflworldwide.com with sender and receipt information along with package and payment details.

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Step 2

Print shipping labels

Printing shipping labels are very easy at SFL Worldwide. Simply download and print your prepaid label from any regular printer.

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Step 3

Drop off

You can either drop your package off at the nearest location (FedEx, DHL, and UPS) or arrange for a complimentary pickup at your doorstep.

Shipping boxes from the USA to Australia

So, you have a business, and you must ship a customized box to Melbourne, Australia, within this week. But, what do you do when you want to send a box to Australia? You choose SFL Worldwide and let our services take care of the shipping. Our services are quick, cheap, and of admirable quality. We take all kinds of boxes, big or small, bulky or light. All this while costing you less than the market rate for sure! Our partnership with globally well-known shipping companies like FedEx, and UPS, will connect you to your connections anywhere in Australia. We believe in catering to your needs so that you can focus on your business while we ship your boxes by either air or sea. Therefore, in choosing us, you choose integrity, quality, and swift delivery.

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Here For You During Moving or Shipping

If you want to gain a shipping partner that will be here for you from start to finish, then SFL Worldwide is the right choice. We will be there for you from the moment you decide to move or ship your belongings to the moment we deliver your belongings in Australia. We are the teammates that you need to ensure that your move goes well and without complications.

  • Yellow Tick Always available for support when you need it the most
  • Yellow Tick Easy-to-understand moving solutions that you can select from
  • Yellow Tick Comprehensive knowledge base to consult when you need help

Moving Solutions to Australia

Everyone knows that moving can be one of the most stressful events in life, especially if it’s a large move. We can help you and your family move with less stress and more efficiency. If you want to execute your move without putting much of a burden on your family, then we are the right partner for you.

  • Yellow Tick Easy and flexible scheduling
  • Yellow Tick Family-friendly moving services
  • Yellow Tick Customer support line to help with your needs
  • Yellow Tick Door-to-Door Full-Service Relocation service
  • Yellow Tick Moving worldwide since 2005
  • Yellow Tick In-house Customs Experts
Icon Si Custom Duty
Customs Duties When Moving to Australia

It is always good to be aware of the applicable customs process of your final destination. Luckily, with SFL Worldwide, you won’t have to navigate this process alone. We feature an expansive knowledge base that allows us to guide you on customs duties and makes navigating customs duties in Australia a breeze.

Icon Si Prohibited Item
Prohibited Items When Shipping to Australia

Certain items are prohibited when shipping to Australia. Trying to ship these items anyway can lead to shipping delays, additional fees, and confiscated belongings. If you’re moving to Australia, consult our complete guide on the prohibited items when shipping to Australia to know what you should leave behind.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

See our Trusted Reviews

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Srinath Jukanti
Excellent service
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srinivasa Kosuri
Nice experience with SFL worldwide. Their sales rep in the US was very helpful, polite and answered all my questions patiently.
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anil kumar
Excellent service, I send documents to home country at a very reasonable price, Highly recommend them for. customer support is very quick in turnaround. Great experience overall.
AD5 WClwlbRj1VILCPyjbaxL3nSWy7dbWLl8Gw5Pl4lHkXw=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Saranya M
Used this to ship documents to India at half the price of FedEx and I am happy with the service!
AEdFTp7ECpPYw6O3apYFH7ZOSWNmbSkuRYXCFfa9xRFG=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Nilesh Shah
Amazing and reliable service at very cheap price.
AEdFTp6LsbhGr7pKa4mY5e O  F XsiNltPKlukNGMjC=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Omkar Kulkarni
Documents shipped with SFL to Mumbai with 1/3rd price (End carrier- Fedex). Highly recommend. Thanks Ambuj.
AD5 WCkHpxcIK JjcSxZW9 SloD4ucgSH3ej6nBc63JH=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Shanmugavel Balasubramanian
I shipped four boxes to Small village near Pattukkottai, Tamil Nadu India. It came to my home as it is. No issues. Great service, tracking and delivery.
AD5 WCmM9s50i0KfnjQkoCQqyp5KMPDFDu WK0YgBnd8Bg=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Krishna Kumar
Used SFL worldwide for my shipping services to india. They did a great job and able to get the shipment done in 4 days through fedex. Definitely recommend.
AD5 WCksYfj6zEfJDqeW5b57ALmvieJOj24INHr9BWHK=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Santosh Kumar
Really happy with the service. SFL was more than 50 % discounted than any other courier services. Even the document got delivered really fast.
AEdFTp6aPgZTTT9VtUjMAdwWllUamR7oqO6AwcY2suin=s120 C C Rp W64 H64 Mo Br100
Deepak Datwani
Excellent service. Sent few documents internationally from Dallas, reached in 3 days at half the price that regular couriers would charge. Very professional team.
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